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Originally Posted By: pie-eater
I passed on those games after the first 10 minutes.

That bloody background buzzing noise was VERY annoying.

We were just talking about this at Rugby today.
Papa had the TV on last night when I got home, and the noise was SO irritating. It was like having tinnitus. Others found it just as frustrating and were turning off because of it.
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howdy... not having a tv at home sucks at times like this... anyone got any good tips for watching online? the connections i found last night were beyond crap and kept buffering / losing the connection. help!!

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Originally Posted By: RobBright
Originally Posted By: MitchPee

Uruguay played one of the best defenses I have seen in a while. Constantly shutting down any effort of Riberie and the like. hats off to them, they could have very easily won that game with 2 specific chances.

Did you watch the same game as the rest of us?

Uruguay reverted to their typical thuggery antics as they have no-one, except Forlan, to provide any killer balls or anyone with much prowess on the pitch. And the sending off of Lodeiro so soon into the match reinforces this. Their midfield just didn't look like they knew what they were supposed to be doing.

France were just shockingly bad - why Domenahc kept Malouda and Henry on the bench for so long, and only giving them 15 quite lamentable minutes, with the only players of any saving grace were Ribery, and Diaby, who, at the end, was getting body checked so often, it was more of an ice-hockey match.

Both teams could have won with their clear chances they had - Govou should have scored that goal in the first 15 mins or so.

Rob, France was shut down anytime they got the ball at the top of the key. France also had 2 more fouls during the game than Uruguay. So "thuggery" wasn't much of a difference. Their midfield and passing was horrible, again I was complimenting the defense which did its job very well and limited France's scoring potential. France played atrociously, but that doesn't discredit the way Uruguay played on defense.
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Fouls doesn't mean anything except the referee decided to stop the flow of play as either no advantage could be gained or a player is injured.


You could also argue on the same statistical lines by saying that as Uruguay had a player sent off they were the dirtier side.

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When the United States drew England last December as its opening round competition in the World Cup, it should have set the stage for a friendly rivalry of English superstars against American upstarts.


But the BP oil spill and the subsequent American outrage against one of Britain's most prominent industrial giants has turned the match into somewhat of a proxy battle for the finger-pointing over the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.


President Obama plans to speak with British Prime Minister David Cameron on Saturday in what will surely be a diplomatic dance as Cameron faces pressure from his electorate to push back on the BP browbeating. Thousands of miles away, that dance will be a stomp as the U.S. team squares off against England in South Africa.


Tensions in both countries have flared over BP, injecting the soccer face-off with an added layer of competition. The opportunity for revenge and shin-kicking has not gone unnoticed.


On the U.S. side, director Spike Lee -- who's been on the vanguard of outrage over the spill -- reportedly told a gathering of New York bloggers the U.S. team should wear shirts that say "BP Sucks" on Saturday. A Facebook page calling for BP "payback" hopes against hope that "our boys will get some retribution in South Africa."


In Britain, newspapers and politicians on Friday slammed the Obama administration's treatment of the company. The timing of the match fed the fire.


The Times of London ran a cartoon that showed soccer player Obama "booting" a ball with a BP logo on it. His uniform showed the president was sponsored by "Mid Term Elections Inc."


Facing public pressure, Obama has taken a tougher tone toward BP in recent days.


He said earlier in the week that he'd fired BP CEO Tony Hayward and claimed that he was scouting for an "ass to kick." U.S. senators called on BP to stop dividend payments, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi echoed that call on Friday.


Times Editor James Harding told Fox News it sends a troubling signal when the president is in "ass-kicking mode."


"It doesn't help anyone when you start getting personal," he said.


Officials insist things aren't that bad.


Martin Longden, a spokesman for the British Embassy in Washington, said there's a "huge amount of understanding for where the administration is here" and that the match is unrelated.


"I don't think the two do play into each other in any meaningful way," he said.


Does that mean there's no sense of rivalry? Of course not. The Embassy is opening up its doors to staff members, families and a few "football aficionados" to watch the game Saturday -- the American staff members are invited, but only so they can be shamed.


"They want them to be there to witness England's triumph," Longden said.


Nile Gardiner, director of The Heritage Foundation's Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, said the BP issue has developed into a "major confrontation" between London and Washington. But he said the rage is mostly political and that the relationship between the American and British people will remain strong.


"You are going to see that in the aftermath of tomorrow's World Cup match, no matter what the result," he said. Gardiner, who came to the United States from Britain eight years ago, will be rooting for England.

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I have to say I am super excited for this Nigeria/Argentina game. Messi has a lot of work to do and the group opened up a bit with the win over Greece today from SK.


World Cup has definitely been a bracket bender thus far.

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Greece are shite and always have been, surely South Korea were going to win that. Still can't believe they won the Euro back when. That was just a silly result.


Nigeria/Argies will be interesting. I wonder if the Nigerians will get pasted. Or if they can do something. Lets hoping!

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Originally Posted By: scouser
Tons of empty seats at the Korea vs Greece game.

This constant droning noise is rapidly getting very very annoying.

The empty seats thing stresses me out to no entirety. The whole message conveyed by FIFA having the cup in a country like South Africa is equality. Yet, there are all these seats and thousands of people outside who cannot afford the ticket to get in. Would be nice to see them allocate a certain section or amount of tickets to give out to locals.
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Did you hear a bout Maradona wanting his hotel room's john replaced with a brand new one. And he wanted all the Argentinian players to have their hotel rooms painted all white for "relaxation". The hotel needed to install a games room for video games, and the buffet had to have 10 hot options and 10 salad options. Damn, that's just Club Med. Simple.

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