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Usually Zao can open for Golden Week.


This year there is less snow than usual and they officially hope to be able to keep some part open until then. Sadly, personally I think that will be difficult!

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No photos of recent days actully I have had cold.

But I have put some photos from last season up from March, there was more snow then.

























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No new photos sorry just went up there yesterday - still fair snow at the top but big patches down below. Basically the Chuo/Utopia upper slopes now open. This season spring came early I think and personally I think it will be difficult open end of GW.

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Ski season finished now, but they managed 167 days.


The Zao Chuo Ropeway is open as normal but the Zao Skycable and Zao Ropeway are closed for maintenance (Skycable from 7th May - 29th May, Ropeway from 7th May - 21st May).


The Zao Echoline road is now also open.


It is always sad at end of season, but Zao brings us many fun things throughout year.


I will post more photos from time to time.

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