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  1. We're in the planning stage now and Zao is one of our targets. Thanks for your report it was good to read what you did and sounds like a good trip.
  2. This is something I have noticed also. We want to go to Zao but there isn't much nearby in terms of other resorts. Perhaps we will go there for 6 days or so and then travel to another part maybe Fukushima or Niigata.
  3. Is it true that quite a few different companies run places like Happo, Ishiuchi Maruyama and Zao (and I presume others)? Always wondered how to they split the revenues up in cases like that? Thanks.
  4. This may be a stupid question, but some places in Japan seem to have resorts really close to each other and I was wondering if there was/is plans to link them up (and I suppose why they weren't in the first place). For example, some places in Nagano and Niigata come to mind (Hakuba resorts / Yuzawa places)? Cheers.
  5. This is one of the places I want to try next season when I visit Japan. Looks like a quite unique place. And I just LOVE onsen.
  6. First one was Furano. Others I have been to now are Niseko, Rusutstu and Appi Kogen. I'm hoping to visit again next winter and try some other places out.
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