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This year I thought I would create a special "Cheese at Resorts" Gallery.   At the moment, myself along with Cheesewoman, Cheesegirl and Cheeseboy are at Nozawa Onsen in Nagano. Lovely place, but

A tale of 4 baby cheeses - Pt 1   I heard a small voice calling to me from the convini at Furano, it sounded like it was coming from a 4 pack of baby cheese. The cheese asked me for a ride to the s

Ok, the Horuyoi I understand coz you must have had a chick along... but the Nodogoshi? Wtf, I thought only homeless dudes drank that!! And, aren't those cans a little small for proper hanami viewing

Well I knew it was going to happen but just didnt know when. But last night was it! Stinky ran amuck. When the night starts like this its always going to end a little messy. After a fun day on the mountain we were both a bit tired but Stinky found the solution at Whitehorse Hotel bar.




We were there to about midnight and there was a party on so whilst I sat at the bar chatting with Dougie, Stinky was out mingling and generally playing the tart.






He isnt just popular with the girls, although I really rate him as a wing man.






So after numerous drinks including Sake he was in fine form. I didnt see him say no to a bevy all night.




Well luckily the bar shut at 12am as I was getting rather drunk but Stinky was humming off all the Red Bull Voddys and when the call came to head to 902 he was all over it and 1st out the door and down the road. Whilst his new friends were great, I felt as his guardian I best accompany him and make sure he was OK. Needless to say once we got to 902 he was straight up for meeting even more folks.






Stinky by this stage was getting off his head and onto others.




Now what happened next really surprised me, as we couldnt find him for a while and Shintaro was dropping some wicked beats in the club. Where was Stinky. Well we look up at the DJ and there he is, mixing it right up. Man what a night!




As soon as he was back on the floor everyone wanted to hang with him.




Now I tried to set a good example for him but everyone was so friendly that inevitably we all ended up a tad drunk. Stinky kept mumbling something my ear about more shots but by the looks of this pic we had certainly had enough.




Needless to say today has been rather lame, I boarded Imori for 3 hours whilst the smelly one didnt even leave the room which I rate as pretty poor, but who am I to judge.


Not sure what will happen next to the Chinese Snowboarding cheese but I know tonight it will NOT involve alcohol. smile



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From France, Goat Cheese and Corsican Sheep Cheese decide to make the trek to Zao.


Before setting out, they study the trail map carefully. "I'm going for Yokokura no Kabe!" declares Goat Cheese, who is at home on steep hillsides. Sheep Cheese isn't so confident, but accommodatingly agrees:



Comes the moment of decision.

Sheep Cheese: "Uh, Goat Cheese... Are you sure this is going to be ok?"

Goat Cheese: "It'll be fine, you silly sheep. Besides, would you prefer cute fluffy bunny rabbits, or wet, slimy turtles?"

Sheep Cheese: "That turtle does look pretty scared, actually. Ok, bunnies it is!"


Halfway down, Sheep Cheese is heard tremulously whimpering, "Goat Cheese, tell me about the rabbits again..."




Sheep Cheese and Goat Cheese observe human rituals from a discreet distance.

Inscrutably, the humans arrange themselves around Jizou, point cameras at each other, and shout "Cheese!" -- but they don't see any other cheese besides themselves:





Sheep Cheese: "Goat, dude, I see a demented bunny."

Goat Cheese: "You would. I see a St. Bernard, getting ready to chase your sheepy behind":



Sheep Cheese: "I feel these ice monsters are speaking to me."

Goat Cheese: "Yeah, I know what you mean. That one kind of looks like a dinosaur, doesn't it?"



Sheep Cheese: "No, I mean literally speaking to me. That dinosaur is saying, 'I give you a book of knowledge, and an emissary to guide you through it. He is known by the name of "Crackers."'"

Goat Cheese: "Uh, ok, time to pack it in for the day, I think":



Goat Cheese: "So what is this book about, anyway? Can you read it?"

Sheep Cheese: "If I remember my Juhyougo correctly, and it has been a while, but it looks like... 'To Serve Cheese.' Whatever could that mean?":





Goat Cheese: "You know, Sheepy, I think I saw something like this on TV once..."


Oh no!! What is the Emissary doing sneaking up behind Goat Cheese and Sheep Cheese, and what is that scoundrel wielding???:



Whatever will become of our cheesy friends? Will they discover and fight back against the Juhyou Emissary's treachery in time? Will they become heroes, or... hors d'oeuvres???!!!



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Cheese dessert! clap

Is that a sweet one?



Originally Posted By: joshnii
When will we find out MO?


Not sure we ever will, actually. All the actors turned up missing after the cast party. Last sighted staggering out the door, slurring out something about a nijikai organized by Stinky. I wash my hands.


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So last weekend we went to Hakuba - Kiri, Smart Cheese and some friends, but both Kiri and Smart wanted the front seat:




It came to such a head, that cheese was spilt.




Kiri went off in a huff to look at some lakes, longing, pining, for her true love.




Eventually she came back, but smart was nowhere to be seen. Kiri took control of the ETC and also Navigation too. Ironic, as I thought that smart cheese would have done that.






Eventually, we arrived at Happo one, a place that none of us really enjoyed, but Kiri found her smart.




And that night, they went to sleep, having found each other.




The next day we all went to Iwatake, but all they wanted to do was have their photo taken with some wooden fella.




However, that night I found this incriminating photo on camera. Kiri had left herself, in well, an uncompromising position with Smart.




The affair continues...



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Originally Posted By: mina2
Did you get to the Cheese Factory yet kokodoko?

no, not yet. i was on my way one day walking but it was too far so i turned back. maybe one day when the snow melts. (that might be soonish).
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I was just looking at the photos section pete, seems there's some later photos of Stinky that you didn't post in here on the forums for some reason. Might be a good memorial to have some of his last shots here in this here thread.

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