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Well after a nana nap we headed off to Jam cafe to meet up with some SJFers. Stinky liked being made a big deal of with a reserved table and all. Im getting a little worried he starting to believe his own hype.




In the end it was just Sand, Stinky and myself that made it, which was all good as Stinky and Sand got along fine, even though Sand had an Arsenal beanine on and Stinky is a die hard Liverpool supporter. Bad smell, bad taste our Stinky.




So it was an early night and we awoke to MORE SNOW. It hasnt really stopped for the 5 days we have been here. The Niseko hype is real! So here are some pics from today. We rode from the Hirafu Gondy all the way out the back of Annupuri gates 1 and two. Will let the pics below do the talking. We both loved the natural 1/2 pipe. Although I think he got a little dizzy from all the surfing done smile








Was a great morning with some good lines to be had. But by lunchtime most if not all the accessible terrain to a 1st time visitor had been tracked out. So it was time to stop for lunch, before heading back to our digs.


Now Im sure all of you have been wondering what happens to Stinking after drinking so much beer at lunch times, in fact I hazard a guess its keeping you awake at night. So here is the proof, Stinky, is in fact no different from the rest of us... Looking at the colour though, he should be drinking more water and less Redbull for breakfast smile




Well that's going to be it for the adventures of Stinky, the Chinese snowboarding cheese, well in Niseko that is. Tomorrow its a day trip to Rusutsu then heading to Hakuba to catch some fresh snow on Friday. Hang in there for the next (un) exciting episode of the Cheese that could.

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Originally Posted By: muikabochi
BTW what was that cheese tara like?
Sounds awful to be honest.

It is delicious, actually. Seriously!
Goes well with Hakkaisan sake, I'd wager.

Tell you what, I'll send you some cheese tara, and you send me some Hakkaisan, and we can compare notes.
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Cheeseman sorry to say my cheese fell out of my pocket at the virgin cafe and some one stood on it before I could rescue it.a sad time for cheese lovers sadface

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jelly I will take his brother cheese for a ride to day.but will not be able to post pic's till we get home brought wrong connection cord's for camera.And that's not another excuse slap

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Well as promised here is the latest installment from Stinky the Chinese Snowboarding Cheese. Since the last episode he has traveled from Niseko to Hakuba. Before leaving though he wanted to learn how to wax a snowboard so he could help on the trip.




The first day we went boarding in Hakuba, we had a late start due to Stinky ordering up a heap of G&T's the night before and me having to drink them for him. Headed to Happo One for some runs. Snow was about 20cm up top which was fun.


On our 1st run I spied some clean lines. I wasn't sure where it went, but Stinky was quite insistent we hit it. We did and it was great until we got to here.




Below this I couldn't see the terrain so decided the safest way was to walk out rather then to ride into further trouble. Im not sure why I listened to Stinky again and decided to hike up and out rather then walk out following my tracks in. Good learning curve. It was DEEP in places and at one time I was up to my waist. 45min later and I was on a cat track.




So nearly 90mins after getting in the 1st Gondy we were back in the Happo Gondy. I was spent but Stinky was still keen for me to ride longer as he had'nt been to Happo before.




After another run I decided to call it a day. The hangover, the hike, the lack of sleep all taking its toll. Not a good day. To punish myself for getting into trouble like I did I walked back from Happo to Echoland. On the way back we stopped at a beautiful little temple, where Stinky wanted to pray to Gouda, the God of Cheese. I thought that might be somewhat disrespectful so didn't allow him to go further then the front.




The last couple days have been Bluebird and whilst there hasn't been any pow its been great riding in the slush with mates and just generally chilling out. Been getting help with my kickers etc and almost ready for the X-Games. Stinky continues to meet new folks.




At lunch Stinky got all excited when he saw a pic of his 3rd cousin, Melted. Of course he demanded a family portrait. Cheeky sod that he is it appears he is in just about everyone of my holiday pics.




After a lot of fun in Imori park we headed back to the Whitehorse but went out for BBQ.




Now I eat a LOT of Korean BBQ in China but it was new to Stinky although he didn't quite get the concept.




Now its been a pretty boozy trip and Im worried about my smelly friend as it appears he is starting to fall into the trap and the glass of partying every night. The Kirin Draft is great though.




For the next few days we will hang in Hakuba and hope for snow but it looks doubtful so its just spring fun. Then Im sure Stinky is going to want to head to Shiga Kogen. So until the next (un) exciting episode of Stinky the Chinese Snowboarding cheeese, stay safe guys.




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lol I love how you get strangers to pose with the cheese


looks like he's saw better days, think the trip is taking its toll on him......he appears to be cracking up!! wink


Originally Posted By: panhead_pete



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Yeah Tubby he is starting to show the strain of being my friend. Tonight will be a real test as there is a big party on and we had a lovely day at Imori. We checked out the Big Air comp but this time I ignored his pleas to compete and we just watched.




At the end of the day we dropped over to 47 and hit the Corona Bar for a couple bevys - perfect way to end the day.




Of course Stinky was out making us new friends. It was odd, he seemed to think this guy's nose was his brother. Good times in Japan.





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