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The monkeys really didn't get much chance with the cheese, Metabo. I was a bit wary of that and all the people too - people would think I was mad - so the cheese shots were very craftily quick operations.

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This year I thought I would create a special "Cheese at Resorts" Gallery.   At the moment, myself along with Cheesewoman, Cheesegirl and Cheeseboy are at Nozawa Onsen in Nagano. Lovely place, but

A tale of 4 baby cheeses - Pt 1   I heard a small voice calling to me from the convini at Furano, it sounded like it was coming from a 4 pack of baby cheese. The cheese asked me for a ride to the s

Ok, the Horuyoi I understand coz you must have had a chick along... but the Nodogoshi? Wtf, I thought only homeless dudes drank that!! And, aren't those cans a little small for proper hanami viewing

Nice-looking fondue, though those fried rings (onions or squid?) look good too! Took my Camembert to Tomamu today.........



Looking down on Tomamu



Tree run in the so-called "Powder Heaven" though it was a bit crusty today



Chasing shadows!



The Twin Towers from the car park

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Good stuff.

Never had the fondue up there might have to give it a go.


Nice pics Mick Rich. How you enjoying Tomamu? Any other non cheesy pics to share, interested to get more of a feel for that place.



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Originally Posted By: muikabochi
Nice pics Mick. How you enjoying Tomamu? Any other non cheesy pics to share, interested to get more of a feel for that place.

Ok, I'll upload some more and do a quick review on another post. [now done]
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Cheese goes boarding in China!


Well Im in Harbin to check out the Ice Festival which is AMAZING. Anyways I had planned a day boarding at Yabuli which is apparently China's premier resort. Long story short I ended up having to cab it the 200km each way. But then at breakfast I met a cheese that wanted to join me on the trip, he smelt a LOT but I thought what the hell why not. He was hanging with some other cheeses he referred to as soft so was keen to break away. In fact he bailed on them straight away and had brekky with me. He was eyeing off my omelet but that wasnt going to happen.




So after a great feed it was off in the cab for a quick jaunt of 2.5hrs out to the mountain. Harbin is a drab city and he had a great view from where he was.




Now although he was on the nose so to speak he was a great traveling companion and in the 1st Gondy was making friends straight away. Love traveling with folks that can do that.




The mountain at Yabuli is in two parts with the steeper parts closed :( So we just hung out in a smaller area which was fun.




We both got adopted by a group of boarders, Smelly was stoked to be asked to join "Their Team". Lots of laps with some great guys although Smelly was riding too fast and we never got a pic all together.




The views though were nice.




As you can see in the next pic the snow was really patchy, this was at the top of the Gondy. Northern China has had a drought winter, no snow at all in Beijing which is apparently a 1st.




Now I was taking it easy cruising runs when smelly saw a small bit of untracked below one of the runs. It didnt look doable but he insisted it would be. God damn peer pressure got me again. Here he is after he helped me climb up a nice crotch deep embankment.




Finally here he is checking out the view again, lookn a little blue as the day was ending. I had a great day with Stinky and I dont think we have seen the last of him as I think he may have hid in my jacket, with my next stop Niseko in 2 days. If anyone knows a nice J cheese, lets hook him up smile



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