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  1. Put it down to the "you have to treat yourself from time to time2 excuse.
  2. Don't they know when they are charged? After all, they are supposed to be smart, right? And anyway, anything else is a pain. Just plugging it in night is the easiest.
  3. So how old are you Jynxx, if you don't mind me asking!
  4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was fairly entertaining read it on a recent flight and it helped pass the time very well.
  5. Office was brilliant. US version just wasn't though really was it.
  6. I tried on 2 connections, my really fast home one they all loaded ok one just stopped once. Other connection 3,4,5,6 were ok but the last few are compromising on quality too much. I think 3 seems a good choice on that vid you gave us to check.
  7. Shaved head and tattoo, that's the solution.
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