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Seek and you shall find, KD! Here are a few cheesy shots from my Saturday trip to Kusatsu but there was no happy ending for this fella, it was all over in one, sunny, Christmas Eve morning! :D


Mick Rich_118.JPG


Mick Rich_119.JPG


Mick Rich_120.JPG


Mick Rich_121.JPG


Mick Rich_122.JPG

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This year I thought I would create a special "Cheese at Resorts" Gallery.   At the moment, myself along with Cheesewoman, Cheesegirl and Cheeseboy are at Nozawa Onsen in Nagano. Lovely place, but

A tale of 4 baby cheeses - Pt 1   I heard a small voice calling to me from the convini at Furano, it sounded like it was coming from a 4 pack of baby cheese. The cheese asked me for a ride to the s

Ok, the Horuyoi I understand coz you must have had a chick along... but the Nodogoshi? Wtf, I thought only homeless dudes drank that!! And, aren't those cans a little small for proper hanami viewing

ok, its time........


after forgetting to take some cheese with me to Kandatsu last week, Baby-4-pack AND Stringy thought they'd tag along this time to Kagura. Its been snowing crazy amounts up there so everyone was eager to get out and about.......


stringy and baby even played in the snow whilst waiting for the bus at Echigo Yuzawa station



finally get to Kagura and jump into the Gondola.....Baby and Stringy hitch a ride with Nathan



The snow was incredible....very deep and light. It was still snowing when we arrived at the top and took our first turns. Stringy and Baby hitched a ride with me and could be heard yelping with joy with every powder slash from my Jacket pocket. After a few runs though, with the snow being so soft and still falling from the sky, stringy was getting nervous....in fact on closer inspection, his head was literally coming apart at the insane amount of snow




unfortunately Stringy soon fell to pieces and was consumed.......he didn't make the end of the day. 1 Baby was understandably upset and decided that she couldn't live without her stringy and went the same way Stringy did, but as there were 3 more of them, they weren't too lonely. Lunchtime arrived and it was agreed that the babies could have some of my beer and something to eat, so I racked up the beer and they chose chicken curry and chips.....





however, they were only meant to have a little of the beer each but when I left then unsupervised to go to the toilet they wolfed the whole beer down and I returned to a terrible terrible scene.....it seems beer and baby cheese don't mix so well as the cheese just can't hold its beer. After one beer they had taken all their clothes off, 1 was lying spark out and the other two were.......well lets just say they were openly carousing which didn't go down to well in the family restaurant!!



**Cheesily Explicit Photos: Viewer Discretion is advised**



























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Good work TB! :thumbsup: I rode Happo this morning and Tsugaike this afternoon, so here are a few more cheesy shots - 3 from each to keep things fair and avoid any cheese wars!


Mick Rich_126.JPG


Mick Rich_127.JPG


Mick Rich_128.JPG


Mick Rich_130.JPG


Mick Rich_132.JPG


Mick Rich_133.JPG

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It's Cheeza 53%.

--Not 51%.

--Not a measly 52%.

--A full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal 53%.

With four (4, 四, IV, ・・・・-) types of cheese in one kick-in-the-pants blend.

Looking to find the 2012 dragon's hiding place in the run-up to the New Year at Grandeco:



Visibility was not the best, but what's this? Two dragons?!

Cheeza 53% is afraid of nothing (no need to be when you're 53%), and ventures a gander:



Actually, I think they were dinosaurs, not dragons, but I'm not going to tell Cheeza 53% that. He seemed pretty proud of himself.

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Tasty!! Having already checked out Happo-one and Tsugaike Kogen, the sweet and nutty but greedy Cheese Dessert portions wanted more action, so decided to check out Iwatake and Cortina. 4 resorts in 3 days - some would say they were spreading themselves too thinly but I think a spirit of adventure is a good thing in a cheese!


Mick Rich_141.JPG

At the Sky Arc restauurant!


Mick Rich_139.JPG

A closed-but-oh-so-tempting run off the backside!


Mick Rich_142.JPG

Making new friends


Mick Rich_149.JPG

Checking out the accommodation


Mick Rich_150.JPG

Please can I stay here?


Mick Rich_151.JPG

Happy New Year cheese fans!

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Hey Mick I am wise to you

Carrying that cheese packet around all over the place.

It's empty isn't it

You scoffed it on the first day didn't you


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A closed-but-oh-so-tempting run off the backside!


hmm, something very wrong here.. ;)


I agree with you.

At least the adjective used was not "up"

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