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  1. Yes last year spring snow was generally good. Unfortunately many people didn't get to experience it because of the events and aftermath of March 11th.
  2. I feel they (who is they?) have done good job at gradually taking our minds off Fukushima Daiichi. It hardly makes the news anymore.
  3. Yes beautiful. I remember your other Wales post. I have never been but it does look like a beautiful area.
  4. Good work. I have sent you a mail with some more good ones to consider.
  5. Yes. I think it was more a "touristy" kind of thing, if that makes sense.
  6. Wonderful idea and very intuitive and fun. I will be showing my colleagues and friends, even in English I think they will be very intrigued by this.
  7. I think most people go to Zao and spend time in their hotel. It is difficult situation to break out of.
  8. Sugadaira used to do them also but it was not difficult terrain and I thought quite uninteresting.
  9. That really is very useful, I like it! Fun playing around with the settings.
  10. Same for most places. Not keen on shuttle buses at all. Now that most skijo do not charge for parking...
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