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  1. First off thanks to everyone in this forum for helping me collect information on my trip! I was worried getting there because I saw barely any snow in Nagano city, and not much riding the Nagaden to Yudanaka. Fortunately as I took the bus up into Shiga Kogen, did I begin seeing snow. Our party ended up going to Sun Valley because it was close and that we're all new to snowboarding. the snow was just okay, kinda wet and you see water dripping from the roofs of the surrounding buildings. As for snowboarding.. it was my first time.. and I spent hours trying to figure out how to st
  2. Thanks for the map and replies.. however I managed to convince my friend to stick with Shiga Kogen instead.. so that's where we're going to go however some questions remain. 1. Accomodations: Just staying for 1 night. Is it better to find a place in Shiga Kogen? or stay in Nagano (where i think its cheaper?) 2. Where to snow board in Shiga Kogen: I'm looking at the snow japan main site, and there seems to be many ski areas.. which one to go to? does it matter for snow boarding? does lifts also matter for snow boarding?
  3. thanks for the reply everyone! unfortunately I hit an obstacle. I was thinking of going to Shiga Kogen as everyone suggested but one of my japanese friends who's coming along is pushing for Nozawa Onsen.. i guess she's not too keen on snow monkeys. looking at the plan she suggested, its an overnight bus.. looks like its just a day trip and get home at night. doesn't sound so interesting the schedule is: 日程 スケジュール 食事 宿泊 1日目  渋谷 = 池袋=== その他各集合場所(池袋までの無料シャトルバス) 途中2時間程度の間隔で停車・休憩を取ります。  朝× 昼× 夕×  (バス車中泊)  2日目 
  4. thanks for the replies guys! i'm still worried about the timing of it since I'm there at the last week of March.. I just realized that its cherry blossom time for half of Japan!!
  5. a few months ago I couldn't decide on Nagano or Hokkaido for a trip at the end of this month, but decided on Nagano because it was cheaper. looking through this site, seems like the best places in Nagano are Shiga Kogen and Hakuba.. but having a hard time deciding between the two. I never skiied or snowboarded in my life! need a place that's beginner friendly! Unfortunately I can't stay too long either, I'm thinking of a one or two night thing. do you guys think its better or cheaper to find accomodations in Nagano city then commute over to the ski area.. or to simply just find a p
  6. as mentioned in another thread, I'll be visiting Tokyo next year, however is flying into Haneda worth it? I usually fly into Narita and take the Narita Express into Tokyo but nowadays there's more international flights into Haneda which is ALOT closer. the problem is it seems that almost every flight I find, comes in the late night (around 10pm-ish)! and I assume most of the trains are running on their last trip for the day, and also generally way beyond check-in time for many hotels.. so i guess a Haneda arrival requires an overnight sleep at the airport?
  7. if only I could reschedule the meeting, but it's 3-4 days back to back at the end of the week. so yeah, I think going to Hokkaido might be a waste of time unless I come a week earlier (and take school and work off lol)
  8. I'm planning to visit Tokyo in mid March, for a business trip. but thinking of arriving a week earlier to travel. which is better during that time of month? Nagano has some nice snow monkeys, and I remember my friend doing some snow boarding there too! Hokkaido I never been before, thinking maybe visiting Sapporo and some Ainu villages in Nibutani and obviously do some snow boarding there too. is Hokkaido better for late winter or in summer? also any recommendations on cheap hotels (must come with own bath, non smoking, free internet). i'm thinking of the super hotel or toyoko inn chains
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