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Won't the water splash around when it moves.


I just brought a cup of coffee upstairs and I had difficulty not spilling some of it.

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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

apparently lettuces are going to be expensive late summer / autumn.


Luckily, lettuces are a bit rubbish and easily the least exciting vegetable and so it doesn't really matter.

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CONSTANTLY criticising your child’s school is a vital part of being a shit parent, it has been claimed.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s bad

Useless parents believe the best way to help their offspring is by reacting hysterically to anything the school does and regularly threatening to kick teachers’ heads in.

Mother-of-two Emma Bradford said: “I found out the teachers at my son Callum’s primary school had been making the children race each other for their own sick amusement.

“They dressed the kiddies up in little shorts and made it hard for them to run by making them carry an egg on a spoon. As well as the risk of paedophiles, the eggs are full of cholesterol.

“Naturally the first thing I did was call the local paper. The little mite was so traumatised he’s not been able to do anything except steal bikes all week.

“I went round to see the headmaster but he’s still off work after I punched him for confiscating Callum’s phone, just because his friends wanted to hear all the ringtones during a lesson.”

Shit parents expressed further concerns including pupils being forced to do unpaid work and putting on weight due to being made to sit down.

Parent Tom Logan said: “The teachers keep telling my kids all these terrifying stories about witches, transvestite wolves and this ravenous caterpillar that absolutely will not stop, like the ****ing Terminator or something.

“It’s no wonder they can’t get to sleep after staying up till 3am drinking Coke and playing Need for Speed.”

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Last month it took more than 20 firefighters to free a US student who had become trapped inside a giant sculpture of a vagina in Germany. But genital art elicited a very different response in Japan this week, when police arrested an artist for distributing data that enables recipients to make 3D prints of her vagina.


The artist, who works under the pseudonym Rokudenashiko – which roughly translates as “good-for-nothing girl” – was arrested after emailing the data to 30 people who had answered a crowd-funding request for her recent artistic venture: a kayak inspired on her own genitalia she calls “pussy boat”, according to Brian Ashcraft at the gaming website Kotaku.


The artist, whose real name is Megumi Igarashi, was being held in Tokyo on suspicion of breaking Japanese obscenity laws. Media reports said Igarashi, 42, denied the allegations. She pointed out that had not sent images of her vagina in return for money and did not recognise the scanned 3D data as obscene.

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The world's largest flying aquatic insect, with huge, nightmarish pincers, has been discovered in China's Sichuan province, experts say.


According to the Insect Museum of West China, local villagers in the outskirts of Chengdu handed over "weird insects that resemble giant dragonflies with long teeth" earlier this month.


Several of these odd critters were examined by the museum and found to be unusually large specimens of the giant dobsonfly, which is native to China and Vietnam.


The largest one measured 21 centimeters (8.27 inches) when its wings were open, according to the museum, busting the original record for largest aquatic insect held by a South American helicopter damselfly, which had a wingspan of 19.1 centimeters (7.5 inches).


Large enough to cover the face of a human adult, this scary-looking insect is also known among entomologists as an indicator of water quality, says the museum.


The giant dobsonfly makes its home in bodies of clean water and is highly sensitive to any changes in the water's pH as well as the presence of trace elements of pollutants. If the water is slightly contaminated, the giant dobsonfly will move on to seek cleaner waters.


The insect can be found in other provinces in China, India's Assam state, and in northern Vietnam. This is the first time it has appeared in Sichuan province.



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I was told a funny story today, the guy telling it said it was true.


The US of A.


A lawyer insures some very expensive cigars for fire/damage.

He then smokes them.

He then sues the cigar makers, as they have been 'damaged' (nay, destroyed!) by 'fire'.

He wins.

Then cigar company sues him for arsen.

They win.

He goes to jail.



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