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  1. I remember drinking some green beer on St Patricks night once. It didn't taste of green though.
  2. If it were general preparedness, they'd wear them all the time surely? The fact is they wore them for a few weeks after the earthquake, in the studio, and looked extremely silly. I hope you have swapped over to winter wardrobe from October 1st!
  3. 7" Is that still a phone? Which one is it? That's ridiculously large.
  4. I hope you took some "before" photos to compare with "after".
  5. All I want to know is... is this the beginning of World War Three!!
  6. Myoko Suginohara do not say that on their website. So it will probably be someone else selling it. And we know what they're sometimes like.
  7. It's certainly an individual look! Just a few piercings and tattoos is not enough for that now.
  8. If the heat gets to you, peel one of those onions and bite into it!
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