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Wow that is big.   Who gets to eat it?

eet's mine juu mether fackers....!!!

OH NOOO!!!! We all need to get our Muslamic ray guns!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIPD8qHhtVU

TURNER prize-winning artist Anish Kapoor has designed the world's largest sniper's nest for the 2012 London Olympics.


The Stratford tower will be shaped like a lower intestine and hold up to 350 heavily-armed maniacs from every corner of the globe.


A restaurant built into the structure will ensure that anyone planning a lengthy siege will be amply catered for with Michelin-standard cuisine and five star service.


Kapoor said: "I wanted to create something that would inhabit the space rather than define it while at the same time giving disaffected loners a fantastic array of kill shots."


London mayor Boris Johnson added: "I love it, it's just like being given the Meccano set I asked for when I was eight, instead of the signed photo of Alec Douglas-Home and the new pair of sodomy trousers that I actually got."


Alternative structures were considered by Johnson, including a 'Mugger Of The South' by Antony Gormley - a 300-foot steel and copper depiction of a skunked-up teenager knifing somebody in the kidneys for their iPhone.


Other designs included Banksy's policeman wearing a clown mask, which critics said was a 'wry comment about something, possibly capitalism' while former prime minister Tony Blair suggested another dome.


Johnson insisted the tower will help the UK team garner a record haul of medals as it will be the perfect vantage point for picking off better and more successful athletes from Jamaica and the United States.


Wayne Hayes, a recently-sacked postman from Ilford, said: "My burning hatred of all humanity has only just begun, but by 2012 I estimate I will have some particularly lucid theories about why the blacks and the Jews got me fired for stealing birthday cards."


He added: "This is my gun. She's called Cheryl."






It is costing 22 million quid.

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Scary! again!


The North's National Defence Commission (NDC) described the exercise as "unpardonable war hysteria" and said its army and people would "foil" the US and South Korean moves with "a sacred war of our own style".

The threat is the latest instance of Pyongyang taking a hostile tone towards Seoul since Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of the late leader Kim Jong-il, took over following the death of his father in December.

Last week the North vowed "merciless retaliatory strikes" if any shells landed in waters claimed by Pyongyang during a live-fire artillery exercise near the disputed Yellow Sea border.

But in the event it took no military action in response to the drill.

The United States and South Korea are to mount two major annual joint military exercises, one in the coming week and the other in March.

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"hold me back" posturing from the North......they know they'd eventually lose and be overthrown if they started a war......all they care about is the status quo

























































































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This sounds like an important bit of work being done!


Marine biologists are starting to get a good idea now of how squid hear and how they react to sounds in the ocean.

It is only recently that scientists have come to accept that cephalopods have any auditory capability at all.

But new experiments show noises of varying loudness and frequency will elicit a range of behaviours in the animals - such as jetting or inking, and even a change of colour.

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Come on folks this was down on the 3rd page!




An aquarium in Tokyo is trying to locate an escaped penguin seen heading for Tokyo Bay.


The escapee, a one-year-old Humboldt penguin, was spotted swimming in a river mouth in the Japanese capital.


An official from the harbour-front aquarium said the bird appeared to have scaled a wall in its bid for freedom.


The Humboldt penguin hatched last January and lives with 134 penguins in an enclosure at Tokyo Sea Life Park.


"We first noticed the penguin might have fled when the director of a neighbouring zoo e-mailed us Sunday with a photo," park official Takashi Sugino told AFP news agency.


He said officials were struggling to recapture it because it swam "at a tremendous speed".


The 60-centimetre long penguin was snapped bathing in the mouth of the Kyu-Edo river, which runs into Tokyo Bay.

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For Grungy and his love of his Apple products:


Probably not safe for work though I am not sure...





Confirmed: Fleshlight Developing an iPad Case You Can Have Sex With


The iPad's a darn attractive gadget, but that 30-pin connector ain't made for love. That's why this Fleshlight-holding iPad case concept caught our eye. Imagine all the things you could pretend to have sex with! And it turns out, it's not just some crazy, er, pipe dream. It, or something like it, is coming soon.


We've covered the Fleshlight and its many permutations both inside and out, so naturally when we heard about a fit this natural we took it on ourselves to figure out if a real version was in the works. Here's what we turned up, straight from Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin:

It's another exciting product we have in development at the moment. We are always looking to improve our user experience and this will be a way to take it to another level. Continue watching Fleshlight.com for it.

So there that is. F*ckable iPads, coming soon. We assume that it will launch with a geometrically opposite counterpart (read: dildo) as well.




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Women who have just finished ovulating 'are best at spotting snakes'

Women who have just finished ovulating are better at detecting snakes than at other times of their menstrual cycle, according to an unusual study that sheds light on inbuilt reflexes for survival.


Nobuo Masataka of Japan's Kyoto University tested 60 healthy women of child-bearing age at three different phases of their cycle.

They were simultaneously shown nine pictures, one of which was a snake among flowers while the others were only of flowers.

The volunteers were tested on how quickly they spotted the serpent.

The fastest women were those who were in the so-called luteal phase of their menstrual cycle, or the stage that immediately follows ovulation.

The study strengthens theories that we have a "fear reflex," or an innate response to threat signals such as potentially poisonous snakes, Masataka believes.

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Cut off da balls




Paedophiles chemically castrated in British jail

Around one hundred child sex offenders have undergone chemical castration under a government programme to reduce the likelihood of them reoffending.



The paedophiles volunteered for a course of drugs designed to reduce their testosterone levels to that of a prepubescent boy in order to curb their libido.

The treatment is being piloted by psychiatrists at HMP Whatton, Nottingham, a specialist category C prison which holds male sex offenders.

The drug, leuprorelin, which is marketed as Prostap, inhibits the production of testosterone, which is linked to the high sex drives in paedophiles.

The programme is run by the Prison Service and the Department of Health and has been co-ordinated by criminal psychiatrist Professor Don Grubin.

He said: "I have referred around 100 people for treatment. It is still ongoing but I do not have anything to do with the treatment. They come to me in the first instance to see whether the treatment is appropriate for them.

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A family doctor was caught having sex with his receptionist on a couch in his surgery, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.


Dr Huw Evans, 53, was accused of misconduct after it emerged that the woman, known as Miss A, was also a former patient of his.


He described the incident as ‘insane’ – and admitted that he was left ‘kicking himself’ for not locking his door.



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Its slogan may be ‘every little helps’ but it seems a Tesco discount on Apple’s latest iPad yesterday was just too good to be true.

A glitch on the Tesco Direct website offered the new Apple tablet for only £49.99 – a 90 per cent discount on the recommended retail price of around £500.

Hundreds of shoppers raced to buy the iPad Wi-fi 4G 64GB black model, which was advertised on the supermarket’s site yesterday evening.

News of the blunder spread on Twitter, with lucky buyers boasting about bagging the cut-price tablet.

At one point the website crashed, preventing shoppers from purchasing the tablets. But after Tesco Direct caught wind of the error it suspended transactions and said it would cancel the purchases and refund any money paid.

A spokesman said: ‘We always look to offer our customers unbeatable value but unfortunately this is an IT error that is now being corrected.’

Dominic Gemski, 20, of Portsmouth, was so thrilled to see the tablet for such a remarkable price that he decided to buy three.

He said: ‘It was like music to my ears when I saw the price. I quickly bought one for my girlfriend and my brother.

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Seems not


However, Tesco bosses tonight refused to honour the deal, and small print on the site allows it to wriggle out of pricing glitches.


A spokeswoman said: "We always look to offer our customers unbeatable value but unfortunately this is an IT error, which is being corrected"


Retail experts said they expect a backlash from shoppers. When M&S refused to honour a pricing glitch in January, it was forced into a U-turn after thousands joined a web campaign.


Paul Nikkel, the founder of Hot UK Deals, said: "Every now and then the big retailers get it wrong, and this latest glitch seems to be a big mistake on Tesco's part.


"But shoppers will not be happy when they are told they cannot get the deal."


Tesco would not say how many customers bought the iPads.


And it was not clear whether the retailer will delete data from customers who entered their contact and bank details.


Word spread about the iPad deal on Twitter and Facebook as well as money-saving websites like Hot UK Deals as Brits shared the news.


One member of the site, Poker2009, fully embraced the deal, saying: "I have ordered 20."


In January, M&S offered 3D tellies worth £1,099 at a fifth of the price after an online blunder.


Initially, the retailer refused to honour the deal but eventually climbed down after thousands complained on Facebook and Twitter.


And last year T-Mobile offered free contracts by accident.

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Ive never understood why a business would honor it. If it was my company id calmly explain that it was clearly a mistake and that youre a ****ing thief for even trying to con me out of my livelihood. Thats probably why i dont run a business. Maybe for a huge company like tescos it can eat the loss, but its when people spot deals from small companies trying to stay afloat and try and pressure them into upholding the agreement that i think the world is full of greedy self serving assholes. I forget what company it was, but a year or two back some snowboard retailer (it wasnt one of the big ones) put something way below the market cost, the vultures descended and after moaning they actually decided to eat a massive loss to keep peoples faces straight. I would have told you all to take a ****ing hike. :)

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The old royster-doyster




Coronation Street star Bill Roache claimed last night that he has slept with 1,000 women.

The 79-year-old actor, who plays Ken Barlow in the soap, admitted: ‘I didn’t have any control over my sex drive.’

On screen Mr Roache, who is the only original cast member, has had four wives but only 28 flings since the programme began in 1960.

But off screen, as well as two wives, he has had countless flings and affairs and admitted that he regularly cheated on his first wife.

Some of his lovers have referred to him in bed by his character’s name, Ken, Mr Roache revealed.

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