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So like a home-made version then.   Sounds good to me.

I was avoiding ramen over summer, just too hot, but got back into it the last few weeks. Miso negi. Can't beat it.

That sounds good.


I love tempura too, good at making it. Sweet potato, onion and carrot one.


I find that hard to believe. Can I come round your house next time you make said tempura. I need to verify.

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did you make that MO??


Sadly, no -- I wish I could make something like that.


That looks well tasty!! :yummy:


It was!


(Had a second one to be sure. Yup, still yummy.)


That does look good.




i thought you might appreciate it, pies.

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Was made some amazing tempura last night. Still feeling stuffed.

Best I've ever had.


Very very simple but for the first time I had some tempura recently with a bit of salt sprinkled over it.

Made a big difference it was very good.

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