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So like a home-made version then.   Sounds good to me.

I was avoiding ramen over summer, just too hot, but got back into it the last few weeks. Miso negi. Can't beat it.

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Lots of sauces brought back this time, including:


Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce special edition




EXTRA MATURED FOR A FULLER FLAVOUR. By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Purveyors of Worcestershire Sauce, Lea&Perrins Ltd, Worcester. For over 170 years Lea&Perrins Worcestershire Sauce has been helping cooks around the world to transform their cuisine with a splash. We spend up to two years carefully crafting every batch of Worcestershire Sauce in our historic Midlands Road factory in the heart of Worcester - so to celebrate, we decided to take a little bit longer. Our Special Edition Worcestershire Sauce is extra matured to give it a fuller flavour. Great on classic dishes such as cheese on toast and shepherds pie or why not try it on grilled chicken and steak. For more ideas visit www.splishme.com

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Visited the new Devil Craft branch in Hamamatsucho last night. Very nice Chicago deep dish pizzas.


Apologies for the facebook link of photos.


This is The Eden pizza. A vegetarian pizza with extra feta cheese on top.




The Devil works - the works with lots of fresh ingredients.




And their cheesecake.




Good looking deep dish MIJ.... very un-Japanese like.


Want. To. Go.

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I noticed Marks and Spencers have a line of wasabi crackers and even some 'kakinotani' this summer.


Quite a few wasabi things in England at the moment.

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Prague #1 powder I think it's called. There are a few different ones used for bacon curing....google curing salts and you'll get it. U use a TINY amount each time so don't go ordering buckets of the stuff

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