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Definitely skiing. Then you can train him to pull you along the flat sections, so you don't have to unclip.

We wait for obsolescence   Just really hope he grows up OK.

Baby number two.   GirlInJapan  

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New parents can lose two months of sleep in the first year of their baby's life, a survey has suggested.

The poll of 500 mums and dads showed a third regularly lose 90 minutes sleep per night, equating to a full night's sleep every week, or 68 in a year.


And almost half of new parents argue over who has less sleep, with mothers claiming they lose the most.


Midwives said the problems, exposed in the survey by nursery products company Tomy, affect first-time parents most.

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The T-shirt thread just made me remember of this. I saw my friends baby the other day in a Libertines t-shirt and asked her where she got it as I didn't know band t-shirts came in such small sizes and she said that she had made it.

Not exactly difficult but just something I'd never thought of doing. Go to uniqlo and get a pack of plain shirts and then then whip up your own funky (or rude) designs.


Here are a couple of pics of me mini tarzan too. One enjoying his first food and the other when his buggy got attacked in Toys R Us.







How are all the other future sno-pros doing?

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Cute Thursday. You're right about the time thing. Me Mini Tazan sleeps through but even so at 6mths old it feels like he's been around forever.


BP, we borrowed the bells & whistles from Toys R Us. Got a few funny looks from the staff!

The green mush is avocado.



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