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  1. Doesn't the dude who was in charge of Xbox 360 now work for EA?
  2. WHY are they out there doing that?!?! Thanks for the laughs though.
  3. What a champ. Great to hear things like that. What time did he get for his 200m?!
  4. Not given it any thought whatsoever yet. Had a few family issues and been rather busy the last 6 months or so. Hoping that things are going to be calmer over the next few.
  5. Wow what a bad few months it has been! First of all I sprained an ankle. Er, walking up the stairs if you can believe that. Then my lovely lady's mother became very ill and so we have been having to look after her to a certain extent. And now I have been told that my contract will not be renewed and so I will be out of a job come the end of May! Things seem to be conspiring against us right now! Hope all are well though!
  6. Planning on going to this place next week or the week after. Didn't know about it until your reports muikabochi. Looks great. The lady says that the current big weekly NHK drama is based in your town and in the opening credits there's a great view from the top of Hakkai-san.
  7. Quote: Turkey, Pork, Ham, Baked Vegetables, Steamed Vegetables, Gravy Cranberry Sauce. YUMMY!! Desert Pumpkin Pie, Pavlova, Christmas Pudding, Trifle. Could do with some of that. I'm more likely to have a ChristMOS or a Kentucky Christmas though.
  8. Had one last night. Feeling a bit wonky this morning. I could do with a huge fry up breakfast.
  9. Originally Posted By: thursday you mean fuskette? Haha, yes of course. Darling she is.
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