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  1. I wonder how a Japanese Office would be
  2. The link doesnt seem to work.....
  3. That would seem to be the "right" thing to do. If I remember though, quite a few people didn't seem to mind not doing the right thing on some issues - ie going to places in resort where should not. Maybe people just decide themselves which rules which to go by and which to ignoring? I wonder what the "right thing to do" is in the following case: http://www.skijapanguide.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=002726
  4. Maybe I shouldn't be it, but all of it making me tired and frustrated now.
  5. Surely they would not do that for a brand??
  6. I really like courtroom drama type of movie film. Yesterday I saw A Few Good Men, I saw it before but I really like it. Good movie. Anybody recommend other good courtroom drama style movie?
  7. Sometime I wonder how she became so popular as she is. It all started with that Automatic single , was it so different and new when its released?
  8. It is a Queen boom now in Japan. They selling many CD and DVD again.
  9. It is an open late resort, but I think the snow may not be so good. Better than many other place of course, but remember it is still the sprintime
  10. I am guilty, or was guilty, when I was younger with my first girlfriend.
  11. When I went to England and I went to super, I could not find any at all. This was in London area also.
  12. Do anyone of you here read book in Japanese? Or maybe translation of Japanese into English?
  13. Recently I listen to much U2, especially older material, it's really good.
  14. It depend on who is paying bill. But I am not fan of expensive minimal style meal.
  15. I also drink very much in day (and need many toilet trip also). Its a habit I got into, too many meeting and visit client.
  16. That machine is so small. But remember that the media is expensive.
  17. Where will we be able to get the finished version? You going to burn DVDs of it and send out to people on request or what?? (Charge for the postage of whatever?)
  18. I think these numbers are all quite low really. Average paid is probably more, especially as some things wrong with the car and such like. It is depressing time I think, shaken time
  19. I like popcorn, that and a few beers in the cinema is great.
  20. They are very sensitive to change of heat. I'd advise you to keep the camera and tapes in a room for a few hours and try again. It probably is not broken.
  21. Imight be getting older but I like to have a sit down for an hour or so at lunchtime. If I don't I can't carry on all day.
  22. It's interesting to see numbers like that. I wonder how they will be for this current season??
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