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  1. You are so lucky if you have Friday afternoon off. It must make the weekend so much better
  2. I was forced to play when I was child and so from that memory dont like piano now. But good luck!
  3. Did you hear about the Best of CD of Utada Hikaru sell crazy number (2.6 mill) in 1 day of sales? And there is not even new song on the CD!!
  4. Many Japanese people don't even vote. I was wondering if you can here, do you think you would do it>?
  5. But I heard weather is forecast for dark and gloomy, good for Bridgestone I think.
  6. I have always wanted to go Australia and see this also. It looks beautiful. I think I can "chill out"# there
  7. Wow, airline food good? I'll have to try and use them guys next time. Its hard to believe it!
  8. I hear more flights cancel in UK and US because of security threat and worry. I am interested to know - are you worried about taking flight now, or just ignore it and do like normal? I must admit I will think about it if I go US.
  9. I want some live experience overseas sometime. UK would be nice.
  10. I always have bath. bobby12 - do you sleep alone?
  11. Me too, but it sounds curious. Did it taste like cracker?
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