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  1. Interesting thanks. Just spent half an hour playing around with it, can find some really great info from it all. It's addictive. Didn't know that was how ALTS Bandai got it's name..... (go check it out) Obviously a really huge amount of effort gone into this, it's very clean and polished. Bravo! Cheers for the tools. Now........ snow please!
  2. I had to download that Silver-thingy but it only took a minute or so and then I just had to refresh for it to appear. What a wonderful idea way to learn about Japanese resorts. I particularly like the expressway info things, that is really useful. (How) do the resort reviews and ranking things get updated?
  3. Originally Posted By: wendy-cake No plans. They will arrive the week or so before I get out there. hoping to visit these places this year Hakuba Sugadaira Minakami Yuzawa Myoko Oh dear. Breaking my ankle scrapped that lot. Onto 11/12!
  4. yes last few nights not as bad but I usually have it on to go off around 2 am as well. really hot nights I will have it on all night on a low setting.
  5. No plans. They will arrive the week or so before I get out there. hoping to visit these places this year Hakuba Sugadaira Minakami Yuzawa Myoko
  6. I tried jogging for a while but quickly realised it wasn't for me. For a start I didn't like the people oggling me! I'd much rather go down the gym. Or better still be sliding down the snow.
  7. I'm finishing work at 12 today, and going to wander about and find a fine place to have a good lunch. Can't wait!
  8. I never went away! And I make a better burger than those people anyway!
  9. Where in Saitama, pete? It's a fairly big prefecture, unless you mean the city.
  10. OK next pc related question Displays/monitors. About 24" would be good I think. Any recommendations on which makes/models to look for? Thanking yous!
  11. My b/f called and they offered him the same spec machine for 26000 yen less than the online configuration. Definitely worth doing!
  12. I did that a few months ago and connected up an old monitor. It's great, can have web stuff going on one and work (?!) on the other.
  13. I don't think the 0% is a bad thing, though certainly don't see why you should be punished differently depending on what your job is. Get fined/stuck in jail for the offense and that's it. If that affects your job because your job is a driving one, so be it. If your job has nothing to do with driving then the offense has nothing to do with the job.
  14. ...don't forget the kids on the mums backs and being squashed as she sits in the car - with the baby still there!
  15. I once complained to the stewardess about Smelly Guy sat next to me.... they ended up moving me - I effectively got an upgrade!
  16. Lovely photos thursday. How many times have you been to Japan now then?
  17. On a personal level, a few of my Japanese friends who used to ski have last season taken up snowboarding.
  18. While I am no fan, here's what I think. No-one, regardless of their celebrity, deserves to be sneered at in the moments of their death and Jackson is no different.
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