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  1. Quote: I used to evaluate the potential risk of self harm of prisoners Interesting what were you actually doing Go Native, jobwise?
  2. Thats a blow for United. Is Foster fit? Wasn't he supposed to be a hope for the England keeper job?
  3. friend at college had one of them - chick magnet it was.
  4. It sure will be interesting to see how he does.....
  5. This can't be good though: France falls out of love with topless sunbathing Health concerns and new feminist priorities mean French women are covering up on the beach For some it's the stuff of naff Cote d'Azur postcards. For others it's a symbol of the feminist struggle in France. Topless sunbathing was once the summer battleground of French post-1968 society – educated middle classes insisted that peeling off was a women's right, while family groups claimed exposed nipples would scare children. For decades, France has prided itself on being the world capital of seaside
  6. Heard one of the new muse songs ---- sounded VERY Queen
  7. this perfume has to be one of the worst just listen to the "cute" vocals on this one. It's like PWL with Mmouse vocals
  8. I see the pre-release order @ 50% of the total release cost was snapped up and ended early in Japan. Wonder how many they sold in that offer. Unfortunately it looks like only the Ultimate edition does the different languages.
  9. I recently changed mine because it was just getting silly the amount of junk coming in. Now some days I go without any and that is good with me.
  10. He certainly achieved a lot. Shame it has to be tainted with the madness of the later years. Those numbers are just crazy. If he was in so much debt, how come he was renting a place that cost $100,000 a month. It just doesn't make any sense in the real world.... ....and neither does everyone going out and buying his music just because he's dead!
  11. Whats that crappy one with David Bowie in it, I think it was a fantasy film he had a big hair wig thing going on.
  12. They're about 40 quid normally in the UK (pl ones)
  13. Definitely. I'm not into what I'm doing and soon I am OUT!
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