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Originally posted by eskimobasecamp:
might not work out if it's 3 days before, they'll want their skis here then.
You can write the address in English on the form.

Get someone to call Kuroneko Yamato and ask how many days you need to send it to narita beforehand. Shouldn't be more than 48 hours but i don't know, i've never sent stuff on that route. Japan is a small country.

i'm sure you'll work it out. or your friends can carry their gear with them to the airport.

Anyone? EBC wants to send skis to Narita from Hakuba, but needs to know the amount of time beforehand she needs to send them.
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Originally posted by tsondaboy:
If the delivery point is within honshu, they deliver next morning after they pick up.
Just let them know that you are in a hurry when you fill in the form.
True for normal parcels, but not for sending stuff to the airport for some reason.

KNY told me 3 days to Narita from Aizu. Pelican said 2 days, so I have always use them. Call around.

Maybe the guys at KNY need the extra time to try on all your underwear.
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OK thanks guys thumbsup.gif


i've never sent my bags, so wasn't sure how long it would take, but maybe it's a no go if they want to ski this week too ----- want to hit yanaba for a night session sometime this week too.


was -9 this morning in hakuba, extreme temperature fluctuations... should feel like summer again by midday... might have a BBQ outside for lunch at this rate. where's the snow at? forecast is rain for 3 days this weekend BOOOOOO.

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Originally posted by Fattwins:
I need to get the pics off of jer to show you the bottom chute but man what a fun line.
Crazy Long steep powder meadow up top thats hardly ever skied to tight chute down low. great line. Toque we only eyed the bottom chute really.

Nice dude
Cool area
I don't really remember looking up into that stuff too much. I went to the source and have started bugging Jer for pictures

I woke up to the above this morning. Stayed in tiny little hut woth some friends. Not so much skiing as my ankle is still bugging me but great to get out again.
That shot is looking east to the Purcells where Spud has been spending some time.
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toque it ends in sick little chute that we wondered about last season. Ill get pics from the photographer one day but I cant really post them here.


also skied a spine that we had eyed a few times as well. Jer is really on form and we are clicking as a safe team at the moment. Im looking forward to attempting the karasawa face with him this season.

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Originally posted by Creek Boy:
>forecast is rain for 3 days this weekend BOOOOOO

fack, are you serious? that sucks, I might not go then and save my money...or travel somewhere else cool.gif ...hmmm, its been a long time since I went to Tokyo...
Come out bro!!!!
I`ll buy some Saammmmmyyyyysssss!!!

Have you ever seen Zilla? http://www.zillamusic.com/bio.html

They`re playing 3 shows in Kanto this weekend. Sick ass band, when they`re on. First night of the run their playing with Razoku which is my fav. J band. Fri. nights show bound to be MOVING!

EBC, your coming to Tokyo too right? Come check one of these shows if you have time!!!
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Where they playing Mofo? I'm seriously considering it...kinda waiting to hear from one of my best mates bout a place to crash/and whether he's free or not...if Barubaru chan's not free then prolly wont head up...plus I dont wanna pay for a place.. Are you going to the shows Fri/Sat? What are your plans?

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