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  1. Quote: Originally posted by eskimobasecamp: TB - wasn't your plan always to go up the ridge and back down it, like journey man? I thought you didn't have a beacon or something... but maybe i'm totally mistaken? I had all my gear, but the printer was out of ink and after trying unsuccessfully to turn the topo into a shamail, I didn't have a map. So the plan was to go up and decide about the descent based on what I could see. The audible was to head down off the first ridge on the north side. But I was solo, and hungry, and (#1 reason) something about being alone on that ridge just
  2. Heal fast AK. I was coming up about an hour or so behind you in nothing but a long sleeve T and watched you drop in from afar around 2:00. At the time I was a bit surprised you went. Glad you all made it out. Thanks for the pics and the honesty. I don't feel nearly as bad about having bailed that afternoon.
  3. You can tell he's not wearing any undies by the look on his face.
  4. Why, so we can get more photos of in-focus trees and out-of-focus kamoshika?
  5. Actually AK, I think I saw your used underwear being sold in a vending machine in Kabukicho
  6. Quote: Originally posted by Kumapix: tohoku bum beware of ebc's secret spots I've heard EBC's secret spot is quite bushy Today was rather on the epic side, aside from the group of aussies who poached my poach. Even saw a bear. Just tell me where to be and when. Looking forward to getting piste with you.
  7. Just rolled into Hakuba this morning for what is prolly the last gig of the season for me. Any of you local types up to anything interesting the next few days?? Would love to meet up with you on piste, off piste, to take the piste out of EBC, or to have a night out on the piste. I'm here till tuesday. Holy kyofu! I've never gone horizontal on a lift before!
  8. It looks SJ forgot to put thier mark in the lower right corner of those two pics. Of course, one of them doesn't actually need it.
  9. How could the rust set in after 5 days? Just go skiing again next weekend and it'll come right off.
  10. Quote: Originally posted by tsondaboy: If the delivery point is within honshu, they deliver next morning after they pick up. Just let them know that you are in a hurry when you fill in the form. True for normal parcels, but not for sending stuff to the airport for some reason. KNY told me 3 days to Narita from Aizu. Pelican said 2 days, so I have always use them. Call around. Maybe the guys at KNY need the extra time to try on all your underwear.
  11. I flushed it down the toilet after wiping my @ss with it so this is from memory, but the bill broke down something like... lease renewal fee: =1 month's rent (for owner) insurance contract renewal fee: $300 (no, not the actual insurance premium, just grease) real estate agent fee: 25% of subtotal etc The most absurd part about it is you gotta pay 5% sales tax on the fictitious "service" you're receiving.
  12. C'mon, what's wrong with it? I piss on people from the lifts all the time. $hit once too. I just haven't hit you yet. Thanks, you've just given me a mission for the season. Heads up, ger!
  13. Quote: Originally posted by Hokkaidough: Thing is I still have my card, it was never stolen. "An online transaction", apparently. Not necessarily. Skimming is huge in Japan with card readers being sold openly on the streets of Akihabara. Here, you don't know if you've been pickpocketed, cuz they put it back after they've skimmed your card info.
  14. Quote: Originally posted by yamayamayama: Whatever is important to you... The snowbunnies it is, then.
  15. Quote: Originally posted by ger: My purpose is to observe and report on Elementary School English lessons and make a positive contribution to English Education in Japan. So which town has the easiest access to powder and big mountains??? You should teach that use of the word "so" to your students.
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