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What do you think. I think not. If curling is a winter olympic sport then petanque should be in the summer olympics (damn, anybody seen my pastis?)! lol.gif


When I think that speed skiing with guys going close to 250km/h on skis is not an olympic sport...

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A friend said yesterday, definitely not, because it's a game & not a sport.

And I said, is The Game of Tennis a sport or a game?

And he said, that's different! confused.gif


But I'm all for the curling crew.


Winter sports on ice or snow are few & far between as it is, so curling just adds another dimension. Shampooing, Blowwaveing and dyeing would be good too.


Some other possibilities to further enhance the programme

- skaters half-pipe

- x-country ollying for boarders (that'd sort

the athletes out from the poseurs)

- giant tubing slalom (individual & teams)

- rawhide (tubing with no pants)

- new biathlon - replace those friggin guns

with golf clubs & white balls (heh, heh)

- ice fishing

- ice phishing

- ice carving - with chisels - (eg most

realistic petunia in 5mins... etc)

- dog sled cross

- ol' yella - dog sled cross for the meek

- ...............?


I'm sure you guys could suggest many more.


BUT in all seriousness, Curling iz Cool.


I'm for it. thumbsup.gif

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curling is absolutely a technical 'sport', try it one day an see how badly you suck at it.




Speed skiing has merits but has drawbacks - location namely, there are few places in the world you can do it. Many Olympic venues wouldnt have the right terrain for it.

The '98 Nagano Olympics for one wouldnt have been able to provide a course, they barely provided a good downhill course, it was well on the short side.

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I hear you Sanno, Pastis does improve your petanque. Maybe some olympians should have a few glasses before their event, and it is legal!


It is good to see people coming out defending curling. I think it would be fun to play, kinda like bowling or golf, but I still think it does not belong in the olympic sports category. I guess if Curling is in the olympics, then maybe we will have broomball there soon as well.


How about basketball on ice, or dodge-ball on ice? lol.gif I would watch those events for sure!


Never thought about it, but true that speed-skiing must have some stringent requirements when it comes to length, steepness, etc... Not sure what the requirements for downhill are.


By the way, do any of the regular ski championship events take place in Japan? I could be wrong, but I do not think so. Wonder why.

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At least 5900ft - 1800 metres it would seem


in 1997 "the NAOC (Nagano Olympic Organizing Committee) allegedly agreed to lengthen the downhill course by 279 feet to 5,791 feet. The International Ski Federation (FIS) has been demanding the course be extended to 5,906 feet. FIS had contended the existing course was too short and not of Olympic caliber. The change would increase the race times by 15 to 20 seconds"

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What means Olympic caliber?

- a course that can be skied by Kenians, Dutch and other exotics.


I miss in the list of possible Olympic wintersports: snowshovel racing. It was on the first X-Games but I think it was too tame for them.

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Originally posted by Creek Boy:
curling is the equivalant of watching paint dry :rolleyes:
Yes, it's the equivalent to Lawn Bowls in the Summer Olympics - how unexciting can it get!

Dog sledding is a legitimate one - like the equestrian events in the Summer Oly's.

How about ice-climbing, igloo building and snow-cave construction?

Ice carving would be interesting with those swinging chainsaws! eek.gif
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curling is usually played with a belly full of beer so it gets my vote. and it is quite difficult, even sobre.


at least speed is a factor in moguls so it's not just judging


i think the participants in judged sports should all wear the same outfit and mirror shades/goggles so the judges don't know who's up... of course it wouldn't do much for the spectators \:D

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curling is usually played with a belly full of beer so it gets my vote. and it is quite difficult, even sobre.
I've never watched curling but with this description, I'm kinda interested!
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