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  1. Ditto above. Rusutsu for the steeper stuff, Niseko for, well you know - powder! Hope the weather is kind to ya.
  2. I had the same - very frustrating - issue. Have been away from the site for months and needed to contact Admin/Moderator/someone in SJ, but, IMHO it is so over the top with security. (I realise the issues SJ has with spam, etc). A brief explanation beside the questions would help. For example: as noted by snowhuntress, I didn't realise the numbers were part of a QUIZ. In the end I got so pissed with the thing I gave it a miss, until I actually recalled my login in data and was able to login. Just for feedback purposes: it makes sending a simple email VERY difficult without knowing
  3. The amount of words I use to convey a point is in direct correlation to the perceived understanding (e.g. comprehension) of the person I'm adressing. If I think they will understand, then less words, and vice versa. Yeah, people in gov't possies need to use wordy talk to clearly and fully explain things - they aim to explain things so the 'the lowest common denominator' can understand it. I call it 'dumbing down' - because it doesn't make people think for themselves or inspire them to go and research the topic. Similarly, having done a few job apps lately, I find the resume is getting
  4. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Guardian suck smelly balls too Quote: In our 12.14pm post we reported that a Tepco official said radiation levels at Fukushima Daiichi soon after 9.30 am "were at 3,750 millisieverts per hour". This was wrong – the radiation level was actually 3,750 microsiverts per hour – equivalent to 3.75 millisieverts per hour, sincere apologies. That sounds a bit suspect - the rods are exposed. Way back in the late 80's I was studying Engineering and did a tour of a Nuclear Reactor. We also visited the nearby cooling pond where they placed the
  5. Ah, the old gold and silver bottle tops - I'd get into trouble as a kid because of sticking my finger in the freshly opened bottle just to pinch the cream that floated to the top. I miss glass bottles - the milk tasted 'cleaner' and definitely lasted longer - I suspect the thermal qualities of thick glass are superior to thin plastic. King Island cream - comes in a tub like margarine, so thick it can be spread like it too. SOOOOOO bloody nice. Though, can't help thinking, there is something seriously wrong with drinking the milk of other species?
  6. Care of Wiki: ...'An increase in radiation levels has been confirmed following the explosion.[39][40] "Fukushima Prefecture says a radiation level of 1,015 mircrosieverts [sic] per hour has been measured near the Fukushima Number 1 nuclear power station. One hour of exposure to this amount of radiation is equivalent to the permissible amount of radiation an ordinary person receives in one year"[41][42] At 19:07 JST (10:07 GMT) Reuters reported that the exclusion zone has been extended to 20 kilometres (12 mi) around the plant.[43] BBC correspondent Nick Ravenscroft was stopped 60 kil
  7. Hey JA & RB, thanks for the tip, though, when I did both of those options it will highlight both pictures, but it will not permit access to the 'Group' option under the Format tab.
  8. Rant for today: Fu**ing Microsoft Word 2007 - what a complete heap of &^$%#ing crap!!! My current problem is: trying to group two simple pictures (maps) together. In older versions of TURD, all you had to do was draw a box around two pictures and hit group. No doubt some third-world computer guru with a degree from Afghanistan, working remotely from their office in Tashkent, decided it would make more sense to include several additional tabs, pull-downs and shit to accomplish the same simple bloody job. REALLY, who the fu** employs these computer geeks, let alone allows
  9. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Originally Posted By: SubZero Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Must have something to do with the multitude of below average competitors from third world countries... Scotland, Wales and Northern Island? Exactly which Northern island are you referring to? Iceland? Greenland? Skye? A rare mispelling - Ireland ... though you could also assume it to be the UK in general.
  10. Originally Posted By: MitchPee Moral of the story is don't go camping with crazy girls who possess pepper spray. Almost everytime I read one of your posts I can't help but smile as they always remind me of a TV show I watched as a kid: 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' You are definitely the 2000's version of him! Seriously though, that girl needs a comeuppence - without her knowing, how about pepper spraying her stuff at home: toothbrush, pillow (obvious one given the circumstances), etc?
  11. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Must have something to do with the multitude of below average competitors from third world countries... Scotland, Wales and Northern Island? The CG's are the third largest sporting event in the world, just behind the Olympics and the World Cup. They're very important to those 'Third World' countries that just happen to hold significant records: athletics = 100m track, marathon, etc, etc. Also, the CG's are an important test bed for competitors in their respective tournaments e.g. cycling, athletics, swimming, boxing, shooting, weightlifting,
  12. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Iodine? Anti-biotics? Antibiotics
  13. Originally Posted By: Mamabear I am definitely a free range egg buying, free range no hormone chicken buying consumer - but there are plenty of times when things you buy actually have origins in less than perfect situations (thinking restaurants etc) and at those times...ignorance is bliss. Hormone free is one thing, but few advertise pharmaceutical free - which is perhaps more important. E.g there's a Steggles ad on TV at the moment spruiking hormone free ... but not pharm. free.
  14. I work with an educated Indian bloke - he said the whole thing is the result of corruption, which is rife in India. Once the Ministers take their share, and the so-called contracts are given out to their relatives/mates, who also take a cut, the work is done on the cheap - materials like the reo in the concrete, etc are cut-back. Work that should've been done by excavators and bobcats are done by men with hoes and women with baskets! It's not helped by a Prime Minister who simply walks around with a dumb smile on his face - that little prick is so ineffectual, I'm surprised some nut-job
  15. Yes, it's up there with: 1. Wii - c'mon, to the english speaking world that's just bad product naming. 2. Toyota Racing Development (pronounced TRD) sounds like ... TURD!
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