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  1. In Mizuho highland we've had over 70cm past few days. Cracked the 2m mark up top. Whoa!
  2. Well that was a buzz! I guess I'm not the only one enjoying supreme conditions, but it rarely gets better in west japan. 1st day - Tenguston - no grooming, calf to knee deep and counted 11 cars in the car park. Maybe 30+ people on resort. Grinning! 2nd day - Mizuho - limited grooming - snowing,freshies all day and p'haps a few hundred souls on resort. Grinning! 3rd day - Mizuho - lightly snowing/sun... groomed but stashes everywhere and numbers the same as yesterday. Grinning! 4th day - Mizuho (holiday saturday) psycho crowded (70mins wait for gondola queue & then 40 mins in que
  3. I think his first name was Kraft and he developed a now popular snack item Kraft Jesus.
  4. Hi All - Haven't been on here for a l-o-n-g while. That's mortgages, kids, work etc etc for ya! Noticed a lotta new names so I should read up. BUT for the mo' - we've had great snow out west (I'm in shikoku) esp chugoku area so off to Mizuho area in Shimane for 5 days. Over 2m up top and more to come. Caught it last year like this and it was knee deep in parts. So if any snowjapan-ites are heading for there look out for the ozzie & wife & daughter and say h'lo. 1 more sleep.
  5. Hi all. Been lean times writing of late, but just wondering if others on here have been enjoying some of the best driest snow in yonks out west??? I've managed to scrape together 5 days at Mizuho this January and has been so good. In addition to the great snow, I've not encountered hoards of folks. Relaxing SuiSui. And now with 250cm up top they are forecasting HEAVY rain later this week. Aaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!! Just hope it holds off.
  6. Outrageous colours I can handle - even kinda cool in a smiley sort of way. But out of control kids just pee me off. And their parents even more. A few "friendly" terse words in the said kids directions never goes astray. Ski safe, be happy!
  7. Now I know why - in writing - why I've never made the transition to boards. If I was young(er) and a beginner maybe I'd try - just all that sitting, unbuckling - ratcheting/buckling, hobbling on & off lifts etc leaves me a bit cold on the idea. Smooth sailing on me twin planks - wink!
  8. Lotsa Over Glasses Goggles around. plenty of sales now. Just bought new ones for the kid (10yrs old). They are adult size as the kid sizes were too small for her now. She never had fogging probs with her old cheap ones. New ones double lenses, good ventilation so should be set.
  9. Best thing ever did here was join the small business association and they've been really really helpful the past few years. I leave it all to my wife to do with them (fatigue really began to set in after 30mins) So many claimable things didn't know about and there's a lot of massage-ability built into the system of those in the know. My tax burden (income we're talking about) is like a miniscule of what I'd be coughing up in Oz. But for how much longer?????
  10. I think it's coz up is up and it's a struggle, where as down is just.. you know like down, free-wheeling and it's like faster. You know - gravity... I think.
  11. Fjef - Nice touch. Some of that secularity would be the go here instead of the sham stuff. My friend actually wanted a simple wedding and even though it was finally decided (by other powers to be)to be held at such a full on place he made sure the invite said "casual wear - jeans ok". My wife said no one will dress like that, so we all had to do the penguin attire thing. And she was right. If I'd worn jeans like I wanted to, I'd have been the real hill-billy gaijin who don't kno nuffink. Indo - sorry wasn't so clear. Actually set me back ¥90,000 all up. ¥70,000 as gift money and ¥20,000
  12. See Myoko's snow depth is at 590cms and just thinking about Arai. Probably in the 6~7m range I guess. Anyone know? Has anyone been sniffing around there this winter? Is it all fenced off or can people freely hike up the top? Such a waste of snow & infrastructure. Wonder what's going on?
  13. Coupla weeks back gave up my annual ski long-weekend (boo hoo) to go to a wedding. I didn't suffer too much because it was a close friend and we - wife & kid - really wanted to be there. And it was good. It was my first time to a wedding here (cept mine) and a couple of things are still rolling around the brain. Place (Avirir chain)was ritzy to say the least, but professional in a very knowing way. Gourmet French lunch, wonderful staff, attention to detail without being overt, rich with out being ostentatious. A nice affair all round. Of course this all costs an arm & a leg and
  14. Tripit - certainly is. Buying property in Japan is probably the cheapest (re interest rates) and easiest to get in the modern world. And thank bloody god that the Ray vs Hd war is over. Some one had to lose - didn't they think about that? Now I might invest later on.
  15. Sounds pretty spooky. In my young primary school days in Oz we had to do a pledge once a week - I love my country, I honour my flag, I salute the Queen ....and a few more followed by singing "God save the Queen". No wonder I'm an anti-royalist anti-nationalist raver. Pledges, Flags, Anthems and Nationalism - refuges for more than just scoundrels.
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