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  1. 0/10 Didn't make it at all 09-10. First my knee didn't feel up to it. Then we sold our flat and had to find a new place. Then the hassle of moving. We have just settled in and the season is over. Hopefully we will make Falls Creek or Wanaka in a few months
  2. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Perhaps it's a great 'ocean earth bag'. yah, 'Ocean-Earth' is the brand..
  3. Originally Posted By: RobBright Maybe cut some holes in the bottom, and buy some coasters and glue, or sew them in. kind of what i was thinking...will talk to my bag repairer about using his industrial sewing machine to fabricate something...
  4. i have a great ocean earth bag that unfortunately doesn't have wheels. is there a way of fixing wheels to it? (should have got the slightly more expensive Burton bag with wheels)
  5. wish i'd known about the Fastec before I got my Burton Cartels....
  6. I was in Niseko for the first time last year. Stayed at Pension Kisara. Loved it. Am going to give Hakuba a try this year, around 11-18feb. (A couple of days in Tokyo before and after). Can someone recommend some inexpensive accom (above backpacker grade) in Hakuba?
  7. Originally Posted By: RobBright ba-doom-tish touch wood - not had anything stolen but took the safety of tagging my stuff. What do you mean by 'tagging'? How can I engrave(?) my name, postcode on my new board?
  8. i reckon europe is the cheapest place to ski/ride right now - GBP300 or less for one week ex-London, includes airfare, transfers, accom, some even 5course dinners. you need to book last minute though. igluski.com another GBP300 for a KL to London return by AirAsia.
  9. for the evenings i have this pair of taiwanese ski-pants(?) - bottoms not wide enough to fit over boots - which are fleece-lined. never was i ever cold in niseko. a mite warmish in some restaurants though.
  10. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Claremont. i think i have been there? there's a big Vidler's surf shop right?
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