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  1. Quite a lot of people hanging around here that have never been to Japan, interesting
  2. Originally Posted By: Rag-Doll Maybe this is all a grand strategy by Iran to obtain concessions, who knows? It might be who knows, there are plenty of examples including acceptance and even help to the Indian nuclear programme!? but are they really after that? After 20+ years of sanctions based on what? Sofar Iran denies that they are after nukes with their nuclear programme. Why dont we believe them, although most signs (heavy water reactor) are against Iran + the statement of ahmedjinedad "Iran has no plans to attack Israel". We dont hear anything from Iran unless it can used
  3. finaly an exciting Tour, if you look passed the doping cases. But I hope for you guys that Cadel does better in the Alps. in the pyrenees he didn't look strong enough to keep it all together by himself.
  4. Originally Posted By: Rag-Doll I reckon the blame lies with Iran. They are the ones who deny Israel's right to exist (not the other way around) I am not so sure about that. I think since the islamic revolution the US and Israel are trying to neutralise or completely trying to bring the country down, probably using words like mentioned above behind closed doors. Just because 1 guy says something adressing a crowd of supporters and that is used by the US and Israel as reverse propaganda and easily picked up by Fox news and CNN and then the rest of the world. Thats why Iran is to blame?
  5. will they also measure the sumo wrestlers?
  6. I hope McCain selects a good running mate and not some kind of moron in case he dies during his term in office. Who knows we might end up with someone worse than Bush Jr.
  7. I was just waking up in my hotel after an evening flight out of New York. I even made a picture of the twin towers flying passed them on my way south. Actually I was supposed to fly on the 11th but I had to reschedule due to a last minute planned meeting (that was cancelled due to the events on 9/11)
  8. To me it seemed that almost everyone had 4 or 5 stars except 1 or 2 like O11, but they were usually a blast to read. So to me the number of stars doesn't say anything. It is more based on the topic and handle name whether I read it or not.
  9. I added not really anything to this thread just to make my 750th post
  10. a guide I toured with this season had taken out the release bolt making the Dynafit a no-release binding. Would it work for you?
  11. FT, interesting read. What is the size of the skins you used and why do they suck?
  12. My neighboors were Pakistani and after your question I looked up some old pictures (including one with their license plate on it)
  13. SerreChe, 63 is Pakistan, not 68. Also Netherlands is 53, not 58.
  14. I believe many phones have a preinstalled tipcalculater buttons these days. Never bottered using it, but some of my friends I have seen using it all the time. The best that was ever given to a waiter in my presence was in Chicago. After sitting through a meal that was ruined by an annoying, rude, unattentive waiter, that bluntly asked for his tip. A friend of mine snapped back: "i'll give you a tip, be nice to your customers." It might have made him a lot of money, although I seriously doubt that.
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