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If you could choose, would you want a resort to be skier-only or snowboarder-only

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If you could choose, would you want a resort to be skier-only or snowboarder-only?


I know it's probably correct to come out and say you don't mind and we're all the same, but if you were totally honest and if you are a skier would you prefer a place to be skiers only (and the same if you are a boarder)? For reasons of lines going down, moguls, or any other....

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Well the voting is 2:2 so far. Hmmm. I know some skiers who aren't keen on being on slopes that have lots of snowboarders - sitting down in the middle of the slope, riding in the way, etc. So I think quite a few people probably give a poo. Let's see how the anonymous votes go.

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I think it's OK that skiers and snowboarders can ride at the same resorts.


But boarders should have priority access to lifts and powder, and should be served bigger portions in the restaurant. Also skiers should have to nod affably to passing snowboarders, and there ought to be a skip or something outside facilities for them to keep their jumble of equipment out of the way of snowboards.


Maybe skiers could show their gratitude to snowboarders for keeping the resorts alive by putting in an hour or two after closing time with shovels to flatten the moguls back down.


Live and let live is what I say!

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Snowboarders may have voluntarily retarded themselves but that’s no reason for exclusion. I had to change a few of the words in the philosophy below but the principles are the same. It’s all about including those less able and less fortunate than yourself.


Our philosophy

People with a snowboarding disability have the right:


To be treated with respect and dignity

To have a say in their own lives

To live, learn, work and enjoy life as part of the snow sliding community

To have support that meets their goals and aspirations

To be part of a snow sliding family


To make sure this happens IHC will (ski resorts should)


Value the voice, and advocate for the rights, of people with a snowboarding disability

Advocate with and support families

Promote inclusion

Involve people who use services in decisions about their lives

Recognise the importance of families in decision making

Provide support that promotes self development and independence

Treat people who use services and their families with respect

Respect the cultural values of each person and their family

Promote international conventions and laws



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There is a market for skiers-only (and snowboard-only I presume) places. I know a few families who go to them with their children mainly because they are skier-only.

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Could we have a ban on entire elemtary schools going to the resorts, slowly going down the mountain like ducklings following mother duck on skis? Newbee snowboarders are admittedly irritating but these mass youth skiers are suge' irritating. Can't they have there own little place to learn? I'm insensitive yet unapologetic. :p

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