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  1. Originally Posted By: Fattwins This is Japan not another country. Every teacher I have ever known here has to give out their contact numbers to the kids. I don't believe I was implying that this doesn't happen in Japan. I was simply stating my opinion that I do not think it is a good idea. Hey, but thank you so much for "telling" me. Good luck anyway CB!
  2. I don't think it is a good idea for parents of students to have the private telephone numbers of school teachers. More 'why is it a good idea'? I don't think school teachers responsibilities should go that far. Do we have the private numbers of company employees, or the mayor, or the police, or the firemen?
  3. Sorry I missed that. Totally think it's a terrible idea but..
  4. Sounds terrible. CB - how come the parents of the kids know your phone number? Is that a normal thing? I bet back home parents don't know the phone numbers of teachers at the school. Any problem and its call the school not call the teacher during late night!
  5. I have a lot of reports and things to do this week that I really REALLY don't want to do. Tedious work, not fun and other things pushing for my time. I just don't seem to be able to get going though as much as I know I must. Any good strategies for kicking yourself up the backside to get things like this going?
  6. I made it out for 11 days in total, would have liked more but difficult with work an' all.
  7. I know a couple with a young kid who are the same kkk. There seems to be a few resorts that are really popular with schools. When I went to Shiga kogen I was surprised at how many there were there - I think more than half of the people on the slopes were school groups
  8. I eventually got round to seeing it last night. Thought it was good, bet out of the last 3.
  9. My bro is really into star wars and in the us. He has seen the new one 3 times already - says it is so much better than 1 and 2. He seems to be pleased!
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