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  1. Was in Hirafu on the weekend and although there was rain on Saturday Sunday was great weather. Had a treck around then headed out to Hokkaido Speed Park for some noise.... Amazed to see how much Niseko has changed in the post 6 years, this time of the year it was really nice with barely anyone around
  2. I have looked around and like Indo has mentioned..EMS is probably your best option! However I would be interested in cheaper alternatives
  3. I think I read AU has gained about 100,000 new customers from the number portability. If that is correct..must be good for business!!
  4. Yep..I use the ANZ bank for internet banking but I believe you have to physically go into a bank branch to open an account in Australia!!
  5. Have you tried the chocolate coated potato chips...damn tasty!!!
  6. Depending on the weather conditions it can take up to 4 hours..but worth the trip
  7. It is warmer here at the moment with heavy rain...but local weather is predicting snow for Friday, Saturday and Sunday..so Asahikawa should do just fine out of that!!
  8. I was one but my concience actually got the better of me so I quit...the money was excellent but sometimes it isn't the be all end all!! And at least it is a job where most people are happy!!
  9. Saw so many the other day it was like a B Grade horror movie...with a stench!!
  10. Quote: i hang out on internet forums and procrastinate Procrastinate reigns heavy in my work flow..which adds to the stress because nothing gets done till the last minute. Recently I have reduced the amount of procrastination and finsd I have more time for other things
  11. I found when I was with Vodaphone I would regularly recieve 3 or more meiwaku mail a day..but with Docomo I don't think I have recieved any at all!!
  12. Sounds a bit dodge....I have had similiar experiences on Yahoo Auctions, push up the bid then cancel. I usually just reject the offer out of spite.
  13. Last nights low was about 2 here so I would imagine Asahidake and northern areas hitting lower temps..been a bit of snow dusting the mountains locally but it doesn't last long!! Still a month or so yet
  14. There are a lot of things here that have had me LMAO...but I gotta say my favourite is definitely the battling NHK guys who come to the door just after you read the news of another shonky NHK staff member stealing. My conversation with them usually ends with them grunting in frustration and walking away without a word!!
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