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  1. we have a 7 week old golden retriever named Vega...i have not even met her yet, I will on Saturday!
  2. This is weird!! Just give her a nudge with your mouse when she gets stuck. http://www.bleacheatingfreaks.com/translate.php?page=762
  3. Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense. David Byrne was a an amazing psychopath in the 80's. The Band: The Last Waltz. Martin Scorcese makes a heckuva music DVD there!
  4. yeah. just bought an area near where I grew up.
  5. i think it's use shows the speaker's ignorance. so, i guess i don't care either way. they can continue to use it. i don't feel threatened. they're not usually that bright.
  6. VINCENT ATMICUS...a group of Japanese cats...pretty amazing stuff!!
  7. Politicians everywhere make for good targets...none can please everyone...just the majorities I suppose.
  8. seriously though....i used to use BRITA in college. i have no idea if it cleaned up the water or not, but it tasted pretty good.
  9. i "heart" bottled water. must drink 5 bottles a day.
  10. Back home there's a hair salon....Curl-Up and Dye. A restaurant....Thai-Me-Up-Noodles.
  11. solid point Yama! I do think there is a difference between arrogance and believing oneself to be a "hero" though. A lot of these guys are just kids and i think that lends to the tough guy attitude just as much as anything else.
  12. by troll...do you mean that b/c I don't spend my entire day (like you) reading online chats and that I only respond to things that interest me that for some reason i shouldn't respond at all??? Sorry, sometimes I actually have better things to do. Yama...I guess I would have simply said thank you to those soldiers and perhaps bought them a drink.
  13. >F*ck your stupid soldiers that think they are heros. Soldiers do not think of themselves as heros. They simply do their job! You're a coward who posts his thoughts about what is going on in the real world on a phuckin website coddled by friends sharing the same feelings and points of view. How cute! You should be ashamed of yourself claiming that soldiers are not heros? Your anger with the foreign policy of those in Washington so naively translates to mocking soldiers. Your "anger" is precious, but your ignorance is ugly.
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