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I watched the first three episodes of Game of Thrones. I couldn't get into it but I also hate stuff like the Lord of the Rings....


Does it get better later on? Also, the music kinda got to me...


Me too.....just don't like this type of pish

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Breaking Bad - just keeps getting better and better.

Ya...no need to buy a 747 to get the free bag of peanuts..

just watched the premiere of fargo the tv series. pretty good so far. billy bob thornton does a good job.

I'm not partial to all that fantasy faffing about either.



Ya, I remember going to the theater to watch Lord of the Rings.....MY GOD....that was a long movie. Seemed an eternity I was sitting there...

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I <3 Greg Davies.

I even made we are klang must see TV despite the fact that in my heart i knew it was a few funny ideas stretched wafer thin over a series.

His Standup though kills! go on youtube and watch it.


But thats not why im here. Why im here is because i just watched the first episode of man down (his new channel 4 sitcom) and loved it.


It even features the now infamous "SPACE MISSION!!!" (which youll know from his standup).

He was always funniest when he was talking about his time as a teacher, and hooray! the series is built around it. Well loosely.


Worth a watch. Had one of the only times where a sitcom has had me laugh out loud. Im more of a smirker or inward laugher by nature.


What does it remind me of? Well, er, pretty much most classic UK channel 4 sitcoms to be honest. Its not groundbreaking the format here. Its straight up man in job he hates, gets drunk with his mates, his mates are a bunch of characters, has scrapes. The end! Basically classic 2.4 children style sitcom for the e4 generation.


ETA: Speaking of, tried watching episodes (another series). Hate and loath it. Which is sad because, you know.... green wing is genius. :(

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Because it looks like a sideways heart :) Just like that's a sideways smile.


Anyways... gogglebox.


Amazingly disarming TV. You watch the first part and you might think "bunch of people playing up to the camera". Watch a few more episodes and you suddenly see that they have these relationships that are straight out of the fast show. I mean the soft kind heart of the fast show we all remember. Just watching that old posh guy making his rubbish innuendo and his wife laughing like a horse at it, and you get this whole warm cuddly feeling. Attraction and love is the weirdest thing.



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