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But TJ told us that winter was here a few weeks ago, and didn't say anything about it not being here since, and I always believe him.  

Very wintery here in Mooloolaba Qld as I just got home from a night on the pus with my workmates and got the severe cold shoulder from my be-loved hic!

No probs Tubby. Fwiw, I also take issue with folks calling all snow "powder", but that old chestnut can wait till another day.   The sun's trying to break through at the moment in Hakuba so you can

JMA reckon's we'll get snow in Sapporo city Mon, Tue and Wed. Still pretty warm out today, although it was great to get out on some fake snow at Onze today :thumbsup:


Asahidake's had snow for about a month now, but I can't wait 'til it gets closer to town.

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Map updated.


As forecasted, big fat flakes started falling at about 8.30 this morning and fell through to lunchtime.


The temps are hovering around 5 degrees, so the snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground, but it's nice to know it's on the way.


Kurodake has a 10cm base layed down, and Asahidake is looking pretty white on the web cam.


Snow is forecast through to Thursday, with heavier snowfalls on Tuesday resulting in a build up at town level.


Furano is due to open Nov 19th (this Saturday) and I fully intend to be there.




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Did my post get deleted?


Why are some people so frigging fast to accuse and rag on at our hosts?

You know, the ones that provide ALL OF THIS?

Would seriously piss me off.


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My apologies for my lack of intergoogle skills.



Thanks goes out to Klingon for his '/rant' which is no way could be seen as an over-reaction to my heinous faux pas.


This reminds me of the time in Star Trek when Darth Vader kills a storm trooper with his mind due to a really minor slip up.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

We have learnt to live with such things, klingon, so they are usually just mildly irritating.

It's always nicer if people accuse us of terrible crimes directly to us in an email or a contact form though, rather than in public where we feel obliged to respond and defend ourselves and our integrity.



Though, I must be very clear and add that I didn't take andy's comments as one of those at all. :friend: Like I said, thanks for posting the photos! :cheers:


Lets get back to being excited about snow hey?

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