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  1. No worries David. I'm just writing this up as it's the first bit of time I've had this week to writeup a review. I've probably got 1 or 2 useable photos, the rest mainly consist of alcohol and hedonism around the resort..... (had my 30th)
  2. Date: 3-4th of Dec 2011 Lifts Open: Isola #1 Quad Pistes Open: Steamboat A, Steamboat B Snow: about 7cm of fresh snow on day 1, about 5-10 fresh, heavy, wet pow on day 2 Since this was the beginning of the season for Rusutsu there weren't that many people and they only opened up 2 pistes, although there was enough snow about to ride a significant portion of the mountain. On day 1 it was f**king windy and icy at the summit of Mt Isola, but once you descended into the treeline it was pretty pleasant well groomed runs with powder stashes either side. Some minor tree runs *migh
  3. My first day was the 11th of Nov We've been getting a bit of snow in Sapporo over the last 24 hours with more predicted tomorrow, so hopefully day 2 will be Wednesday
  4. JMA reckon's we'll get snow in Sapporo city Mon, Tue and Wed. Still pretty warm out today, although it was great to get out on some fake snow at Onze today Asahidake's had snow for about a month now, but I can't wait 'til it gets closer to town.
  5. Surfarthur, Totally man, I've gotta season pass, PM me when you come up to Hokkaido!
  6. Like a few folks have said, grab that booklet sized directory of Niseko, it's got tons of stuff in it. 1. Kamumura 2. The Barn 3. Forgot the name (but it's a little pizza joint that looks kind of like an Izakaya in the south of Hirafu. It was the most southern establishment in Hirafu village when I was there in Jan 2010) Kamimura's is haute cuisine with strong French and Japanese influences. The chef was trained by Tetsuya, from the restaurant of the same name in Sydney. In my opinion his is the most stimulating food in Niseko. Make sure to book ahead, and drop around 10,000 - 20,000
  7. Hey Hardpacked, Give us a PM when you get here. I'll be riding every day for the last 2 weeks of Dec and first 2 of Jan. I'm predicting mostly Teine & Rusutsu with some back country trips. Hopefully I'll get to visit Niseko once or twice over that period. PS Anyone else that wants to meet up for a few lines/beers over winter, give us a yell
  8. I'll be in Rusutsu, with some Sapporo crew, on Dec 03-04. Should be a big party that weekend.
  9. There's still a bit going on a Niseko when I went last Sat. Ace Quad 2, and Ace Pair 3 were still open. The park up near Ace Pair 3 is still pretty good. Fingers crossed I can find somewhere to go this weekend.
  10. Raw meat is awesome: beef, chicken, horse, etc. But I do think I'd draw the line at raw mince for 100JPY a plate at a chain shop.
  11. I used to cook sometimes for up to about 10-12 people when I was back in Perth and we'd have a footy gig, or Sat/Sun afternoon thing. But nothing like 25-100 heads, crikey! We just moved up to Sapporo and the kitchen is even smaller than our one in Ibaraki..... Even my old kitchen in my Northbridge apartment seems huge compared to my current setup. But having snow outside more than makes up for it
  12. I was going to try and squeeze a BC trip during Golden Week, but I'm new to my area and I'm afraid I'll do something stupid if I wander off into a new mountain by myself. Maybe it's time to get the surf on
  13. Afternoon all. I just finished unpacking my apartment in Sapporo (Kita18) and I'm looking to stock my kitchen. Do any of the locals here know where to get import foods? I'm particularly looking for Chinese and European food.... PS I love this city... Can't wait 'til October!
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