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  1. I have an Evo VII but I want to crash it into a mountain and get the new Subaru BRZ when it comes out. Too bad it is going to be too much money.
  2. I stayed at 2 places on my trips there last year. The first was the Hakuba Luna. Kerry and Mark were great. The place is nice, priced pretty reasonably as we had 3 people staying in 1 room, good breakfasts, great dinner (try the pizza) and the best part was that i was >150 meters to the lift. I plan on staying again if I go back to Happo One. The second place I stayed was a complete 180. I will have to get the name from my wife's email. The rooms were small and not very clean, the breakfast was terrible. Dinner was expensive (we booked a package deal via Rakuten) and only had the dinne
  3. Somehow my 4 year old son finds his way from Transformers to Goukaijyaa: Forze to women giving birth in swimming pools.
  4. Ordered one for my son. It is probably the best all in one learning tool out there for kids.
  5. I'll be there at the same time. I'm always down for a beer.
  6. I just ordered the HD 2. I hope to get it in a week or 2 and plan to experiment with the automotive stuff I do until I hit the slopes.
  7. Dogfunk is run/owned by the same company/is the same company as Backcountry. They are good people and always eager to help. I bought an Osprey backpack from them and found out that they have a lifetime return policy. I don't know what all that applies to, but that's zappo's quality customer service right there. And they price match other online venders.
  8. I have a US based address you could ship to (zip code 96379). Worst comes to worst, you could ship it to me and I could EMS or whatever to AUS. Shipping to you would go from Okinawa.
  9. I'm also flying solo for the first 2 weeks in January. If you decide to hit Niseko, I never turn down a friendly face, good conversation and a tasty beer.
  10. I will be in the Sapporo area from the 23rd of Dec until the 3rd of Jan with my family. Also add me for the Niseko area, 3 - 16 January.
  11. Ok so, I changed my plans. I will be in Sapporo with my family from the 23rd of December until the 3rd of January. Then, I will be staying in the Hokkaido area until the (right now) the 18th of January. That might change depending on uncertain business trips.
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