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  1. Haha yes good one that. How about .... how soon is now?
  2. Looking forward to hearing about that. Hope it's good.
  3. 'Completely different' Intriguing! That's a fine looking graphic but can't work out where it might fit in...
  4. Just spent an hour with it. It was fun just visualising and seeing where different places were.... something difficult for me who doesn't know much. Will be very useful, cheers.
  5. Can you put yourself on the map andy so we know where you are! http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/membermap/
  6. Hey SnowJapan peeps, I don't seem to be able to post in the chat box... do I need a certain amount of posts or something to turn that on? Edit: I should use the contact form for that. Sorry!
  7. First time journalists allowed fairly close http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc-AMs57jQo
  8. The world didn't end! Rejoice and praise the Lord, for he saved us!!!!
  9. Looks great. I only know the "new" - only came here first time today - but it all looks great.
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