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  1. Gifu is lovely area. I have friend who lives near Shirakawago, I really like visiting her!
  2. Hello. Congratulations on the move. Where about in Minamiuonuma are you now?
  3. I used to work there for a short time. I like it. And yes weekends can be very busy.
  4. It is relatively cool. I like that region very much. Beautiful.
  5. Ca et La Ski Resort Oze is one I don't think I understand! Never been either, but would like to explore that area more.
  6. I spent a month there once, it was a good place. Good staff. Snow was so-so when I was there but I heard it was worse than usual when went.
  7. I think the best I had one day at Geto Kogen in Tohoku. it was such a great day. But so many times excellent condition. Japan has such good snow condition.
  8. I am trying to find work for this season now. Maybe somewhere in Yamagata or Iwate. Or Nagano! Still look and deciding.
  9. I agree many thing you said there. I really do not like fixed showerhead and don't understand the reason for that! Also shower curtain around bath..... not good idea!! If I have shower I like space to move and able to splash all everywhere. Also toilet not next to basin please! It is also bad idea I think.
  10. I love having bath. If I can't have bath, I will enjoy shower. I would never get into bed after a day without having clean. I love feeling of clean when going bed. Maybe it is also Japanese tradition to have bath in evening before sleeping especially in winter to warm up. That is how I was brought up anyway.
  11. My friend lives really close to there, I went in February. It was fun, but so few people! I know too busy is not good, but too few people also is strange feeling.
  12. Originally Posted By: Mamabear I am interested to hear what people are looking for, or love to find, in their accommodation when they head for the slopes. I am particularly interested in self contained apartment info - but I would think there are others out there keen to know the full spectrum so let's hear it! BATHROOM! I need a good bathroom.
  13. I will be there. One of my best friend is now living in Sapporo so I hope to visit and enjoy Hokkaido for a few weeks.
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