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  1. Quincy. That used to crack me up. It was just so.... wrong!
  2. Originally Posted By: Metabo Oyaji I guess the closest would be Adatara Kogen. Which I quite liked when I visited them this year. Hope they can hold on. Yes me too. Just so many people affected by these events. Hard to grasp the scale of it all.
  3. Thanks folks as I thought reading up. Well it will definitely be one place I get to. Cheers.
  4. Not sure I'd want to spent more than 2 hours one way for a day trip. But will be doing some next year as I am moving to Tokyo.
  5. Hey folks I'll be moving to Tokyo before next winter and so will hopefully be able to get some good day trips in. I know a little about Yuzawa but heard about Hunter Mountain as well. Anyone here been there? Good day trip or is Yuzawa the better option? Good to be here. Read for a year or so every so often. Plunge now taken.
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