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  1. Woooo Hooo - BAD ASS Looking forward to making out with you and co for a 11' session real soon. Yeah Boyo
  2. PS anyone know how we can access last year thread - Snow to near village absentia ? Keen to check some of the older post and info. Thanks
  3. Fantastic Mike Pow ! ! Looks amazing and glad to see some platinum's ! Hope to check out some steep stuff one of these days - cheers for the taste
  4. Another killer day here in Hirafu. Lots of goodness still to be found in many places. This was taken on Higashi One. We traversed around from the gate above hana 3 and it was deep out there. Warmed up a bit in the afternoon but it is snowing again right now... no wind and big old fat flakes falling straight down woop woop
  5. Well the epic conditions continued yesterday and "The Peak" was the buzz word. While waiting for the single chair to start running we ducked into Hana 3 for a look expecting it to be tracked out from the previous day as we didn't get that much over night and woe and behold - no tracks and bottomless again. Headed up the peak afterwards and waited for a while for the weather to clear while we pondered which way to go ...eventually decided to try the backbowl...not the best decision was a bit icy up top but pretty sweet after 100 meters or so. I spent most of the run riding icy ridges
  6. Well today was ONE of those days...don't know if the snow was incredible as it seemed or the fact that there very few people up there to enjoy it ...maybe both Bottomless, very cold and fast. After a long season it was a mission to even stop and pull out the camera...these pics don't really do the morning justice but whatever. A lot of dazed happy people wandering around the village today - BAM
  7. Woke up to this ! Going to be magic up there...20 - 30 at village level ? This one's for you Boyo ! ! YEEEEEWWWWWWW
  8. Nighter this evening was deeeep in places and really felt like mid winter up there ..amazing stuff and center 4 was the only lift running. Tomorrow morning - GAME ON !
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