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  1. Originally Posted By: Mamabear The one time I forgot and planned to get it when we got to London for the ski component of the trip it was the bags that went missing. A moment sounds like! Did they turn up?
  2. Yes being closer to all those really cool places is another bonus. Can't wait. Got to endure a rather hot and humid summer in Osaka first though
  3. Here's a question.... have resorts that usually pump out tons of artificial 'snow' cut back on that of late? Cutting costs.
  4. You not in Japan then norcal? I ask because you mentioning $
  5. Cheers folks. Well theres the areas around Dynaland and go further into Nagano. Hope to see you around HighlyTrained!
  6. I live in Osaka, moving to Gifu in September.
  7. Must have been a tidy amount. Perhaps not as much but my sister broke her leg skiing in Switzerland quite a few years back and that would have cost a fortune if they weren't covered. Story is that they very nearly didn't go with insurance and got it last minute at the airport.
  8. Yeah great for when you are going back the other way. Not good for people visiting Japan though.
  9. Hey, been lurking for a while. Going to be moving to Gifu, well to the north of Gifu city, in September. In Osaka at the mo. Can't wait it will take me closer to the skiing in Gifu and easier to get to other places too hopefully. Hope to see some of you out there.
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