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  1. Hey thanks for the replies, and sorry for taking so long to get back myself was away. The main reason for the 4 places is that I know someone in each place and would like to see them while I am in Japan.
  2. OK so I am in the initial stages of planning, sort of, a trip to Japan. A few places I want to get to, for various regions, are Minamaki, Yuzawa, Nozawa and Myoko. They seem fairly within reach and I will have perhaps up to 10 days. Given I had 10 days, how would you Oh Knowledgeable Ones split the time up with those 4 places. A swig of ale and a pie for the 'winning' plan! Thanks
  3. Count me in. I have only been to Japan once it was for a meeting so we were only in Tokyo and Yokohama but I loved being there even for that short time. Very sad to see what has happened this year but my dream of skiing there next winter is still alive.
  4. Great stuff Mike brings back memories, I was up there about 4 seasons back. Scenery up there is just stunning. Those pics of the dude smoking a pipe made me laugh, seems to be something of a thing they do up there.
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