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  1. Thanks Chris, for the offer to help. I'll look up the websites for the other companies you mention. I'm having my doubts now about this arrangement .. I should elaborate... A ski rental company is offering a good family package, but for obvious reason, they will only want to put aside my equipment with two days buffer on either side of my week's rental as the transit times. They appear not to have done this much, probably why they struggled with the courier quote. Maybe I shouldn't risk my ski holiday by relying on equipment to be sent over to me. After all, mother nature and s
  2. Thanks all for your tips ... I've settled & booked with the Washington Hotel ... a small little place, a few mins walk from the JR station. The rate is a little higher than normal due to the snow festival, but only by about 20% ... not the 200% premium that my travel agent was saying! If only I knew that it was more sensible I would have scheduled two nights at Sapporo instead of the short 20 hours that I'll be there. Feb can't come around soon enough. :-)
  3. Thanks BlackMountain ... yes... the 200odd km from Niseko to Sahoro seem a little high when compared to the distance travelled by your 3 boards in one bag charge! ... I suspect I also have a bit of a communication challenge with the courier. By the way, I'm curious how you'll factor any delays that might be quite out of the control of the courier service (heavy snow storm?). For example, if I want to make sure the bag is there on a certain day, is it safe enough to request the pickup and delivery to the destination just one day prior?
  4. Hi .. can I ask a huge favour from one of you who is locally based in Hokkaido ... I'm trying to get 2pairs of skis/pole/boots + 2pairs kids ski/boots from Niseko to Sahoro. BlackCat couriers have quoted about AUD$30 X 4=$120 to get these items from Niseko to Sahoro for Feb 4th, and pickup again on Feb 11th, for the return leg. Can they be persuaded that the charge should be $30 for the entire lot, which fits nicely into one large ski bag (especially since the kids skis are 80&100cm without poles with smallest size ski boots too). Instead they want 4 separate bags. If
  5. Snowhuntress ... or anyone else who had previously organised their accommodation at Sapporo ... can you help me with a useful url to a travel aggregater? I'm struggling to locate a website where I can book and enquire on accommodation at Sapporo ... especially for the week of the SnowFestival. Thanks in advance.
  6. BlackMountain, with your courier from Tokyo to Niseko ... was that overnight? For 2000 Y seem reasonable to expect that Niseko to Sahoro will be about that much too. Maybe because I'm use to the expensive courier charges in AU, that get's me worried that the rental quote will not be honoured. LarryAdler actually made the comment that they struggle to confirm with the BlackCatCouriers because their (the Oz rental shop) Japanese language skills is not too good! TubbyBeaver/Mamabear, What airlines are you referring to with the experiences that you described? When I checked with JAL recen
  7. Thanks all for your varied yet insightful comments... 1. Buy:- With the strong AUD, buying from the US seem like an attractive proposition (yes, we'll like to ski more regularly at home and NZ -and if all goes well with Japan, to try North America next winter). As an example, A kids ski, bindings, boots start from US$150. As beginner intermediates there's also a wider range of brands to choose from US retailer. Our local retailers would only sale items of advance to expert skis. Eg. A pair of 09 Rossignol Z3 Zeneith is US$400 - the local retailers don't offer these sort of intermediate s
  8. Hi again ... all you seasoned Japan skiers from Oz ... I'm running short of ideas with rentals. My holiday location in Sahoro means that there's less choice for rental companies(?). Larry Adler has advertised their Niseko rental with two adults + kids hire included ... except that they are not answering my e-mail if the equipment can be couriered over to Sahoro? I'm inclined to buy new skis, as I have my own boots to start with. However, not willing to buy skis for the kids, because they will only outgrow the boots and skis in no time.
  9. Thanks all ... reaffirming my plan to only do one night .. on the way back to Narita then Sydney.
  10. Anyone from Oz, been to the Snow Festival earlier this year? I wonder if my current plan to stay one night in Sapporo, will be sufficient to see all this festival has to offer? With very young ones, and photo opportunities were the only attraction I can think of. Don't know if there is a street parade? I've been put off for staying more than one night, as the travel agent has quoted the hotel rates at nearly double the normal winter rates in that town.
  11. Thanks Sciclone ... yet another piece of vital information to keep away for another 3 months! :-) Might be able to satisfy some gadget shopping too. ;-)
  12. Hi I've seen a number of you with experiences of stopover in Tokyo. Would the main shopping precinct like Shinjoku be the best place for me to 'shop' at? ... Not looking to buy a lot except for the odd ski clothing for the under 5 & Mrs, maybe a board or ski and definitely the sort of novel snow toys not commonly found in Oz (like those snow ball maker)! p.s. I am not heading to Niseko, but will probably go via Sapporo on the way to the resort in the east of Hokkaido, in Feb - would I be right in assuming that Tokyo's main shopping district as the best place to get those items
  13. Interesting insight Mr Wiggles. Despite my initiation of this post ... I've already paid my airfare to JAL ...four months in advance of my departure... all $4.7K of it ... for my first family ski holiday to Japan. So, if anything I'm contributing to JAL staying afloat.. :-) p.s. Shadowtec... I've seen on another posting at least two other domestic airlines ... just can't remember the names.
  14. Anyone else in Oz, been getting negative feedback about this topic? One agent has already advised me to book with other airlines unless I sign a disclaimer! Under normal circumstances should the airline fold, then the travel insurance should cover the lost monies paid, right? Anyone take out the QBE insurance with snow cover? I wonder if they will have a policy change soon too?
  15. A travel insurer has already carved out coverage for JAL's ticket purchased from today.
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