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  1. I am going to Hakuba tomorrow for 3 days. I hope the snow is good, it should be I think. See you there.
  2. I got PS 2 version and it's great!! Excellent game, I can't stop. Finding some of the courses bit difficult, so I need practice I think!
  3. I thought it was very good movie. It is fictional story and so some parts may be "hollywood", but I thought it was well done. Japanese accent sound fine to me!
  4. I got free trip to Thailand from airmiles. It felt good to go for free!
  5. All of my official ones now finished Now just 2 parties with friends, I want to go to ones.
  6. Surely it depend on people at the party. I like some and not some others. My section at work one is usually fun. For nijikai we usually go to local informal noisy bar - only people who are friend.
  7. Bangers and mash. A recipie an English friend taught me.
  8. Animals obviously have better teeth than we do.
  9. Appi is good place. There are resorts not too far, but not as close as other ski center. Shizukuishi is not too far if you have car and good choice.
  10. You can ski many place in mid March. If you want convenient then best choice is Yuzawa Town in Niigata. There are quite a few resort there. How about Tashiro/Kagura/Mitsumata resort areas in Yuzawa? They ski there until Golden Week in May and usually snow is very good mid-MArch. Its quite convenient also, just get to Yuzawa - easy - and 15 mins ride to Mitsumata.
  11. Hate is a strong word, don't you think? Maybe things, but do you "hate" any people? Like really hate? There are people I don't like and don't get on with, but I'm not sure if I hate them. I was just curious to hear what other people say on the matter.
  12. Played a bit of poker, but I was really bad at it, not enough practice. My friends were into betting money on it though, so I didnt get much chance to get good after running away.
  13. Its happened to me too. Its a conspiracy!
  14. When I was still new to email I sometimes made embarrasing mistake for email. Like another person say, it is too easy to make the mistake.
  15. There is too much rain for this year in August and September and now. I am worried that the rain will mean less snow in winter
  16. Flick, that is new word for me too. I did not see it, but sometimes I look in video store and wonder if it is interesting or want to rent it. Matybe I should do it.
  17. I am not too sure, but the choice for SP2 is much less, and almost all on normal SP. I cannot see reason to join it, apart from fact that you can use same dish for BS/digital WOWOW AND SP2. Then you don't need 2 dish if you want them all.
  18. I read it all with much interest in it. Thank you the resort for answer the question and for people making interesting comment also.
  19. I am sure he will take you to one that is accepting non-Japanese. Enjoy it!
  20. They are great ski pants! Where can I get some of them? I used to have some similar, I think they will most likely be all the fashion for next season.
  21. Do all the young Japanese children up there learn English accent of Australians!
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