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  1. Had possibly the best day of riding i've ever had, this weekend. Got out with a good crew and discovered the south face of Goryu/47. Gigantic open face with powder from the summit to base. Terrain had everything from ridges and bowls, to drops and tree runs. Felt like it was straight out of a snowboarding video. We had the whole face to ourselves so there was nothing but fresh lines the entire day... it was perfect. I've ridden niseko a few times, and this blew anything i've ridden at niseko away. I'm just afraid that everything for the rest of this season will be downhill compared
  2. Funny how overseas resorts get all the cool Japanese trail names. Japanese resorts get colorful titles like "center course," "difficult course," and "easy course."
  3. went on a group trip... so Hakkoda wasn't an option. Had a sweet bluebird day on saturday, unusually warm for that far north, and then it dumped saturday night/all-day sunday. Appi overall is a pretty tame mountain, I don't think there are any steeps at all. Some decent lift-line runs, but nothing to write home about. I had a good weekend just being in the snow, but I don't think i'll be going out of my way to make a trip back there anytime soon.
  4. I'd recommend Hunter, Windham (2.5-3 hour ride to upstate NY from NYC), or head up to southern vermont (4-4.5 ride) to Mount Snow (personal favorite), Killington (Huge) or Okemo (big and uncrowded). The snow in upstate NY is most likey going to be sh*t compared to japan, but Vermont usually gets decent snowfall. I'd go for the extra hour in the car for good riding in Vermont. have fun!
  5. Heading up for the weekend... Anyone know of any good off-piste stashes at Appi Kogen?
  6. So what does it look like it will be this season? A repeat of last years late-starting-warmness or is it looking promising? also... I've been hearing that people are steering clear of Niigata this season, beacuse of quake/avalanche fears... anyone else hear that?
  7. decided to come out of my summer snow-japan hibernation because I heard gloves came off and blood was a flyin'! I just wanted to say... I'm a better snowboarder AND surfer than any of you. My proof is my big talk. That being said: What I post means more than what you post. I am a better person than you. I lead a better life than you. case closed. p.s. USA will kick your country's ass! Bush/Cheney 2004! wOOT!
  8. NF - what you're saying couldn't be more true. FOX news is bad news. Have a look at this article about how they succesfully prevented a whistleblowing report (which was supposed to expose cancer-causing effects of milk produced with Monsanto corporations rBST drugs) from airing. Quote: All she wanted to do was warn people about the hidden dangers of hormones in dairy products. And for that, Jane Akre lost her job, along with fellow investigative journalist Steve Wilson. Jane and Steve sued Fox Television for wrongful dismissal under Florida's whistleblower statute, which prote
  9. or in case you missed it, check out this video clip of an on air slip up: Fox news slip of the toungue
  10. natsukashii!!! Man it's good to listen to a beasties album again. been a while. Their style hasn't changed a bit which is good and bad... but either way I dig the new album.
  11. This article is kind of interesting regarding Fox being #1 in the US: Link Quote: Fox vs. everyone else Fox News Channel, then, is so far neither the choice of most people who watch cable news, nor the more successful business model. But the perception that Fox is "trouncing" CNN--based largely on the fact that the number Nielsen releases to the public emphasizes heavy viewers--is of great use to Fox, which trumpets these ratings as a vindication of its partisan, "fair & balanced" approach to the news. Reacting to a guest's charge that Fox had a right-wing bias, Brian Kilme
  12. Sheppard Smith is a douchebag, but he sometimes proves to be good comedy . (I love his quick and ultra-lame retraction "that will never happen again") Kintaro - way to perpetuate the Fox News viewer stereotype.
  13. Japan's broadband is booty-kickin. I have DION ADSL 40Mb, but Usen just installed fiber in my biru, so I'm going to be rocking a 100Mb connection as soon as I get hooked up.
  14. This is about as significant as a happening in the british royal family.... zZzZzZzZ I wonder what those guys in the loud black vans have to say about all this. don't they want to return power to the emperor/royal family?
  15. Soulseek has a really good library, and search results change depending on who is signed on to the network. So if you're looking for something tough to find, add the name of the artist and/or album to your wishlist and it will automatically pop up a list of results when someone who has it signs on. If it's something I know I'll never find online like a Japan-only release, I'll just buy the CD (unless of course it's one of those 3000+ yen discs).
  16. DL DL DL. I've only bought maybe a handful of albums on CD in the last two years. If the RIAA had been ahead of the curve and embraced technology instead of resisting, it could have been great for consumers and business. Instead they choose to keep trying to hold a grip on an old school business-model, dying a slow painful death. Apple store is on the right track, but $1 a song is still too expensive IMO. Buy an album with 20 tracks and you're paying the same amount of money for a lossy compressed version of an album without the nicely designed cd booklet. Seems like the consumer still ge
  17. Quote: Originally posted by manda: modest mouse - good news for people who love bad news Been listening to that regularly lately. such a great album.
  18. The trailer just came out: http://www.fahrenheit911.com/trailer/ . people criticize michael moore for skewing things and only showing things from a lefty-perspective, but based on the trailer... it looks pretty inexcusable for bush.
  19. Quote: Originally posted by I=I=I=I=I: Quote: I don't get Jon Stewart on any of my Sky/Perfect channels Daily Show is on CNN at the weekends.... and monday mornings.
  20. The daily show is good, but without a doubt, Chappelle\'s show is the hottest comedy right now in the states. I'm also a fan of Conan O'Brien, even though he sticks to a pretty solid formula, IMO he's one of the best interviewers on TV.
  21. sounds awesome man... how would you rate paris compared to London.... or, dare I say, tokyo?
  22. Anyone with the name "Dick" or "Brent" is bad news... ...just because
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