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  1. i have boarded ( heli ) that is in nz and canada and done mt blanc, les houche, le brevent etc... but in terms of accessibility ( kagura is only 192kms from tokyo - 3 hours by car ), connections ( shinkansen etc ), costs, facilities ( those button lifts in nz and france were terrible ), amount of snow and quality ( kagura powder is GOOD ), japan is easily the best place to board IN THE WORLD!!! well, i think so!
  2. go for 5watt ones..I bought mine in the states ( via the internet )...awesome..work everywhere..and get a rechargeable battery pack!!
  3. the burton fish and malolo are wicked boards...3 years on them..no trouble, a pleasure to ride!!!
  4. sorry to hear that ted. its because u dont know the place.. all the good stuff is bc....
  5. hey friends if you are in the yuzawa area next friday saturday and sunday and you like Breaks, funk and house you are in for a treat........ 3 apres ski events brought to you by Klubhead ( an old skool snow japan forum memeber ), WeLoveSnow and Snodeck...... friday Bottle Bar, Yuzawa town saturday, Snodeck, Naeba sunday, Kandatsu Ski Resort board, ski then come down, have some beers and enjoy some wicked toons! more info, e-mail me klubhead
  6. kagura wins...8 seasons there..better than niseko ( totally over-rated..been there many times so i do know what i am talking about ). happo is probably the worst place in hakuba for boarders..if u are a skiier then maybe its better than kagura but if u like accessible tree runs and bc, a 7 month season, relaxed ski patrol then no kontest..KAGURA!!!!
  7. very sad news but begs the question of when are they going to introduce a system where people who have the ability, equipment and level of responsibilty are going to be able to ride off course with some kind of special ticket ( cortina had this a few years back ) and those who dont get whacked with a huge fine when caught....in kagura it is unbelievable to see the amount of idiots out of their depth off course ( and sometimes in trouble ).......
  8. hey friends..just to let you all know I am organising a BIG `spring`s here` party at Snodeck, asagai ( next to naeba ), niigata. Saturday 18 and sunday 19th March. 9 top djs coming up from tokyo for 2 days of breaks, funk and house. Also going to be having a BBQ on the sunday afternoon. No charge to enter so be there..... will be huge! Sun, top tunes and fun!! if u need more details, please send me a personal e-mail enjoy the snow klubhead
  9. went to naeba yesterday... well covered in snow....excellent conditions and i was the first one on the lift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first few runs were excellent, it had snowed enuff to venture a little off the course they had prepared. wicked start to the season
  10. i had a salomon 167 but switched 2 years ago to the burton fish, never looked back! got a new malolo from burton for this season, really looking forward to using it.
  11. hey kintaro i get really pissed off when some skiier who skis once a year falls flat on their backside going on to the lift. it happens to skiers just as much as beginner snowboarders. just get stuck behind a family on their once a year ski trip with little kids who cant get on the lift. when i was learning to snowboard i was on the lift at the end of day one and wasnt holding up the expert skiiers...give people a break mate!
  12. hey sanno i have to go to narita on business often, any good bars/ watering spots u could recommend?
  13. hey montoya... i am selling my toyota caldina... 2.0 litre, 4wd..106,000kms on the clock, about 8 years old, 18months shaken, 4 new studless tyres, alloy rims, cd player, perfect condition... never let me down!!
  14. going up again on sunday for the closing day..pics to follow
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