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  1. The poor exchange rate will take a toll on tourist numbers this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if more foreigners are attracted to employment in Japan. Of course, you'd have to be saving the money to send home for this to be beneficial. I've head over for the last five seasons, the most recent three times on backpacking routes. This year I just can't afford it, no matter how far I stretch the maths. I'm sure there will be others like myself on the budget end of the spectrum who can't afford that extra two thousand dollars . Had an amazing past few years though, and the yen can't stop m
  2. thanks guys, Akakura sounds nice. what is the actual riding like? i'm intermediate, enjoy the trees, but nothing too serious. Thanks
  3. Has it got a village sort of feel like nozawa or spread out like hakuba? Would 5 nights be enough time to explore?
  4. Hey guys, could anybody a cheap ryokan or equivalent in Myoko. Hopefully somewhere between 4-5,000 yen and in walking distance of the town and lifts. Cheers, Steve
  5. Thanks for all the tips guys! There is an Australian made souvenir store in town so I'll check that out. Tim Tams are definitely a must also!
  6. Thanks guys. I was thinking red wine might not be the best choice. I'll have to get someone else to wrap it cause i can't wrap presents for the life of me! Food was my first idea but whatever I get has to sit in storage for about 75 days whilst I travel! Cheers
  7. I'm so happy lost isn't on right now, last year it destroyed my exam study. I thought season 3 was awesome, it really geared up towards the end! Damn these massive American season breaks. I agree bobby, heroes just doesn't have that suspense and mystery of lost.
  8. Hey guys, I need a bit of help choosing a gift for an elderly Japanese couple I got to know last year. I was thinking a bottle of something as they loved their sake, would a nice Australian red be suitable? Or maybe a spirit perhaps? Just trying to get an idea of the Japanese palate and what's viewed as special gift. Also, should i wrap the gift and expect them to open it with me? They were very traditional. Cheers!
  9. Thanks ger, really helpful information! My few weeks has been reduced to maybe 12 days so I am definitely going to head into the countryside instead of the cities. I keep hearing the same about Lijiang being a bit of Disneyland so I'll give that a miss. Cheers!
  10. I know the place you're talking about, don't think it has a hotel attached. If the lifts have to close for the day you can use your lift ticket to enter the water park. I think they have a wave pool...
  11. Hey ger, I'm spending a few weeks only in Yunnan province at the end of this year. Any recommendations? I'd like to get into the north of the province but not as far as Sichuan.. exiting through Ruili into Burma. Any info appreciated. Cheers!
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