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  1. Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads Hold on hold on. That sign may well cause some real confusion. On the left hand side, it seems that the clock is showing the time 'just before 10 o'clock'. But on the clock to the right, it is quite clearly 12:10. I think something needs to be done about that, and quite urgently too! The clock on the left is actually right.................................. twice a day!
  2. Question re: Medal Count. I was alwaays of the opinion that when it came to medal standings, GOLD ruled!? That's summer & winter versions too btw. Was just checking the official standings and it now appears that it's based on TOTAL medals won- not the colour. 2 Points In Case: Korea & France are in equal 6th place with a Total 10 medals, however Korea has five gold and France two. Aust & Japan in equal 16th possy with a Total 3 medals, however Australia has two gold and Japan zero. Anybody know the 'official' ruling on this? I propose a point system for each medal eg
  3. Hey provide, it appears you are over your 'Private Topic' limit. You can send ee to me fyou like- should be in my profile. cheers
  4. Hey provide, only too happy. Do you have PM turned on? Don't wanna get accused of promoting commercial interests
  5. This has turned into a good discussion, aiiiiiiight. Oyuki, are you getting JJ mixed up with Ross 'tha boss' Ribagliati?? Kudos to Kokubo. So he has a bit of an attitude- good for him i say. What's wrong with that? It's peoples interpretation of that attitude that's the matter. Snowboarding, and any sport for that matter (i actually don't consider snowboarding a sport in the same way i view surfing) is merely a metaphor for life. And get this, there are some people in society with attitude-doesn't make them dicks or losers or even mean they're lacking in the grey matter. Rather, it's
  6. Should still be plenty of the white stuff. know a great little place to stay too. hava fun!
  7. That is one definition and I'll grant you that. But other peeps definition could be someone who was born and raised in a certain area/community/town/city etc. Could also be someone who contibutes to the make-up of said area/comm...... could it not? Yes, that does include monetary contributions like taxes. Gman, when you visit the uk and go to your old digs, are you a local there too? Or just a visitor passing thru town? I have been living in my town for 2 years now but there is no way I would consider myself a local. I don't even know the guy behind the jump at the lg's by name...!!!
  8. How this for a bit of trivia(?) for yas? The guy who owns the local snowboard store where I used to live in Tochigi, is the Chief Tuning Technicial (Off. title) for the French National Snowboard Cross team!! Second season on board (no pun intended) and has been attending all the World Cup events for the last 2 years. Awesome effort wouldn't you agree. thats ny 20 cents. put it in yar book fya want. cheers.
  9. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy city bars vs inaka bars are quite different. you cant compare where you live with the likes of Roppongi What if I live in Roppongi?????? Maybe I've missed something here, but I thought this post was about Niseko, which is pretty much 'inaka' in most peeps books. I'm with the Mster, I got it! I'll say it again bcos it seems to be getting a little off track but the day (and its not too far away) bouncers start to have a presence in bars in snow towns, is the day we know that things have changed for the worse. I might go to facebook and start a group-
  10. Originally Posted By: Fattwins Ok lets rephrase this cause no matter what I write people will dis-agree. You go to any bar in Japan that routinely gets 50 to 200 people on a big night and they have security staff. Japan is not oblivious to the problems of alcohol. To think otherwise is to be living in a dream world. I haven't been to Hokkers for a couple of years now but last time I went there weren't any places that would have accommodated those numbers (well easily and routinely anyway). You're right though, there are some places that have security. No one is suggesting that Japan
  11. Originally Posted By: thursday Already have Neanderthal guests, just ask some to stand at the door for a free pint. hahaha Nice and true. Just goes to show doesn't it, change isn't always for the good/better. That is one of the true great things about Japan- no security, dress code etc. when you go out. All of my family & friends are amazed at that when they come for a visit. "Will I get in without a collar?" "Are these shoes (read thongs) okay?" Just a matter of time... and when that happens (bouncers) that will only bring MORE troble, fights, fisticuffs etc. Sad days indeed.
  12. How long 'til we see the presence of Neanderthal bouncers up there? Once that happens we might as well all give up!
  13. Q: hey, what`s hard and hairy on the outside? soft and moist on the inside? Starts with a `C` ends with a `T` and has a `U` and an `N` in the middle???... A: A CocoNUT
  14. I never have or never would consider myself a `musician` as such. but i`ve managed to put together a two piece with a japanese drummer. we`ve been playing for just over two years now! can hardly believe it!! he plays in two other `rock out` bands so we hardly get a chance to practice. we`re at the point now where we can just rock up to a gig and play. our schedules are just that we cant find/make time. we`re drum and accoustic guitar. i play guitar and sing(not well) and he plays a sanere(sp) and high-hat with tamborine attached. we play `easy-going` tunes- Jack Johnson, Donovan, Oasis,
  15. SJ #1,2,3,4.......265. end this stupidity NOW!!! or maybe open up a section called "STEWPID TALK" this is beyond a joke. to the vault i say
  16. ...apparently Aussies have been goin to niseko for FIVE years... news to me
  17. Quote: Originally posted by rach: But after all that drama, all 4 teams are in exactly the same position they were before the weekend - just 1 less game to play. sure, all four teams are in the same position, but we are now three points closer to you guys
  18. Yeah, too right it is. I was lucky enough to get up there last weekend, 12th, 13th & 14th. as a member of a group of 19!! from my local snowboard store. me and another dude who i dragged along were the only non-js. We all had an absolute blast. we flew out of haneda at 6am which meant waking up at 1am. we were riding lifts by 12:30. rode `til last lifts (9:30), back for a shower, and then went for a few frothies. saturday we all headed off to nearby Weiss to do some cat riding. only got two rides in but one of `em is nearly my A.T. fav ride. no one had been down since the previ
  19. some peeps here won`t go near KFC for christmas... they much prefer Mos chicken. MERRY CHRISTMAS FELLOW SJers
  20. Seen whale here twice in just over six years. Once was at an international super. tha otha time was at a `chain` kaiten sushi. had to be pointed out to me both times!!
  21. You beauty! went for me first run last night for about four weeks. same here, just kept puttin it off, and off... nothin too strenuous mind, just a light 3ks. felt good to get the first one out the way. slept like a log last night and have got a tad of muscle ache this morning. have to make sure i go again tonight. you know snow season isn`t too far away when crew are startin to hit tha pavement. keep it up, let`s jogging!!
  22. "Someone without a tattoo is only one step away from getting one, and someone with one is only one step away from getting ANOTHER one." If ya really wanna get one, go ahead. Don`t let what others think influence you. I`ve had two `happenings` at onsens the whole time i`ve been in Japan. (my tatts are almost insignificant in size. I`ve got one arm band, and a Hindi good luck symbol not even the size of your palm.) both times it was bcos another `patron` complained. what is the deal with that??? i mean, we`ve got grown men getting around in a public bath baring all and sundry to whoeve
  23. I agree with using your card to get cash advances. exchange rates are pretty much what they should be. just remember one thing, if you`re going to use your credit card at a PO, be sure it`s a cc with a PIN for cash advances. No PIN, no cash!!!
  24. Know how ya feel dude! db, i tried the tweezers but was way too painful. i got meself a pair of scissors designed for cutting nose hairs. they don`t have a pointy end so theres no way ya can cut tha inside of ya snout! sure, the hairs gro back, but not any thicker or longer than before. for tha really stubborn ones, i also employ the yanking method, but leave that for private times. if tha build up of snot is gettin ya down, maybe you should think about gettin yaself a `booger towel` (sorry, couldn`t resist) good thread btw
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