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  1. Originally Posted By: Mantas Spend a bit extra and go back to Japan. I would but I don't think I'm allowed back.
  2. Any of you guys used or heard of these guys? http://www.snowcrazy.com.au/ 300 bucks two days ex Melbourne sounds pretty cheap. Also, Ive never boarded Australia...how would you rate it compared to Japan? Looks pretty good on the news. Cheerz TTT
  3. Man I see those lines, but they all look hell crazy, and I really don't have that of kind experience. This looks alright but... http://w2222.nsk.ne.jp/~turu/Kamioka.route.html
  4. Boarding is the natural evolution if skiing. That said, I prefer the company of skiers.
  5. How about bus it to Takayama from Tokyo, then rent a car and drive straight up the 41 Toyama way? Rental might kill it, just a suggestion.
  6. Bring em on Dude! Takyubin to.... Simon Gordon Takayama Shingu Cho 1946 Banchi. Truth be known, yeah binding at the moment.....as long as it serves the basic purpose of 1) Connecting my feet to a board then Im happy. And, actually that set of binding is a replacement for the original set that I deystroyed.
  7. Thanks mate, for the pointer. Just got back, there was about 30 skiers up there, bout 3 boarders (not including us). The weather went from spring beautiful to bad.............to worse, we just kept on boarding. Heaps of lines.............the mountain was kind to us. Lots of hiking........... Cheers, TTT
  8. Serious post season withdrawl has got me planning to head up to Norikura tomorrow to see whats about. I went this time last year so I know the terrain etc but I'm afraid I haven't gotten around to completing an Avalanche awareness course, yet. From my understanding so far of spring conditions, is that afternoon sun can produce a 'wet slide'. Is this possible in the current weather/ conditions? No rain is expected tonight, in fact I heard that it is still getting some snowfall at nightime. The line is on the right peak. You hike from around the back of that peak from the bustop (high
  9. Originally Posted By: scouser I think a fair few of us are "(very) minor celebs" where we live, especially the inaka ones. More infamy, than fame.
  10. Yeah, I was shocked at first but apparently the screw tops are better for the wine than cork. Screw tops used to mean cheap quaff.
  11. I'm from South West Vicco and have basically given up on surfing in Japan, I even moved to Shonan as it was supposedly a 'famous' surfing area............faggedaboudit. Unless you got the time and money to head to Kyushu. Transition to boarding? Very different, but doable. And you don't have to paddle out through big waves or get slammed on reefs.
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