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  1. Do they not split it into two, junior and senior like in Japan?
  2. Just wanted to for a long time but the cost/location went against it. Just wish it was all cheaper.
  3. Unless you are looking for 5 stay western style hotels or luxury penthouses, you will surely find something good in Nozawa.
  4. Has Kumanoyu in Shiga Kogen opened up to boarders yet? I'm skiing most now I think, but my friends will be snowboarding.
  5. Love that jacket looks really good. I always have problems finding The One with things like that but out to get geared up before the winter this time round.
  6. Been out of Japan for a bit. Hoping to be back in December at the latest. Taken up skiing too.
  7. I just don't like it! That simple! (Perhaps I need to like it just to not irk 20 million people, who should be caring about more important things!)
  8. Yuk. I really dislike that kind of music.
  9. Like I said I think I'll stick to what I have, I like my setup and am happy with it.
  10. Those Ewok gloves look nice and warm! I really want to have my hands warm this winter. Never really found any gloves that I'm really pleased with.
  11. Yes I know it's another Niseko thread - sorry - but I'm interested in this as I've heard a few things and still wondering whether to go myself. In another thread someone mentioned that Niseko is flattening (?) some area, maybe getting rid of some moguls. If so, what for? Is it to cater more for families? Is "families" actually the main people they are going for now? I always used to get the impression it was more hardcore skiers & boarders.
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